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Crimping Tools

At Cabling Plus we offer the professional grade crimping tool options needed for any voice, data, video, and audio applications! All of our crimping tools are manufactured by the best names in the low voltage industry, so you are guaranteed to get the best crimping tool for the job. We only offer the crimping tools that are trusted and tested every day in the field by professional installers. Professional installers and Do-It-Yourselfers all over the US put their trust in crimping tools offered by Cabling Plus!

Crimping Tools are vital to any low voltage cable installation!

No low voltage cable installation is complete without a high quality crimping tool to terminate connectors onto cables! A crimping tool is essential to terminate a wide variety of connectors in security, networking, surveillance, commercial A/V, and home theater applications. Most professional installers have two separate crimp style tools in their tool box that will allow them to successfully terminate connectors in both networking and audio video installations.

When it comes to audio video cable terminations there are really two types of tools you can use. One is a traditional crimp tool and the other is the newer more popular compression crimp tool. Both of these tools are used to terminate cables with RCA, BNC, F type, and speaker connectors. These are the most common connector types used to terminate coaxial cables in a variety of low voltage applications. Both style crimping tools are adequate in terminating cables, but the compression tool terminates compression connectors which are proven to provide a much higher quality connection. The main difference in the two is a compression connector clamps onto a cable providing a 360 degree seal where a traditional crimp connector is essentially crushed onto a cable to create the connection. A crimp connector just does not provide the pull strength and protection needed for long lasting terminations. If you are terminating cables in critical areas then it is always recommended to use a compression style crimping tool with compression connectors to provide those higher quality terminations!

For networking purposes it is essential to have a crimping tool that allows you to terminate modular connectors on the end of network cables such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat 3, or even telephone line cord cables. This network crimping tool allows you to terminate a wide variety of RJ11, RJ22, RJ22, and RJ45 modular connectors for any voice or data network installations. This is the crimping tool you need to make patch cables, patch cords, or custom network cables in both residential and commercial network installations. Most high quality modular connector crimping tools allow you to crimp, cut, and trim the cable all in one motion!

Cabling Plus has all the crimping tool options you need for both networking and audio video cable terminations. We understand the importance of having the right crimping tools to do the job right the first time! If you need any assistance in choosing the best crimping tools and connectors for your project call us today. We will assist you in evaluating your application and help you choose the best crimping tool you need for a successful installation!

Which compression tool is the best for installing connectors on coaxial cable?

The #1 compression tool on the market is the Belden CPLCCT-SLM Compression Crimp Tool. This is the most widely used tool for professional AV and security installers. It is also the most durable long lasting tool you can buy. It allows you to install compression crimp connectors on the ends of RG11, RG59, RG59 Mini, and RG6 coaxial cables in both plenum and non-plenum forms. This means you can install a wide variety of F type, RCA, and BNC connectors, which are the most common connectors used on the ends of coaxial cables. It should be the last compression crimp tool you ever buy!

Besides a compression tool, what other tools do I need to terminate coaxial cables?

All you will need is a good coaxial cable stripper and cable cutter. The cable cutter will allow you to cut the ends of the cable to give you a clean start prior to preparing the cable with a cable stripper. The coax stripper will remove the jacket and prepare the cable with the cuts needed for the connectors to properly be inserted into the cable. Once the connector is in the cable it then can be compressed using the compression tool. This will create the final termination of the connector onto the cable.

What is the best tool for installing RJ45 connectors on Cat5e and Cat 6 cables?

The best tool for installing RJ45 connectors on telephone and network cables is the Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO Crimp Tool. This is the best tool on the market and the most commonly used tool for professional network cabling installers. It allows you to install RJ45 connectors on the ends of Cat 6, Cat5e, and telephone cables. It works with the Platinum Tools EZ connectors which allow you to insert the cable conductors through the connector prior to crimping the connector. The “Pass-Though” technology simplifies the termination process and ensures accuracy in all your terminations. This also saves time and money since you are spending ½ the time performing the entire crimp process.

Which tool do I need if I want crimp connectors on my coaxial cables?

Using crimp connectors is really the “old school” way of terminating coaxial cables. If you need a simple crimping tool then all you need is the Steren 204-005 Crimp Termination Tool. It allows you affectively crimp connectors onto coaxial cables. Crimping is really just crushing or deforming the connector around the cable. This is how they attach to the cable. A crimp tool has a Hex Die that crushes the base of the connector around the cable. Although compression terminations are much better and longer lasting, using crimp style connectors is still very common.

Besides an RJ45 crimp tool, what other tools will I need to install Cat5e modular connectors?

You will need a good Cat5e cable stripper to first cut the jacket to give you access to the cables pairs. Then you will need a good flush wire cutter to cut your pairs to give the cable pairs a clean flush cut. After your pairs are lined up and cut correctly all you have to do is insert the cable pairs into the RJ45 connector. You have to make sure the pairs are aligned correctly following the right color codes. Once your cable is correctly inserted you can then use your crimp tool to crimp the connector to the cable. Then you are ready for a plug and play installation.

Do all crimping tools work with all connector brands?

Most commonly yes. But there are many instances where one brand of connectors will not fit into the tool of another brand. To ensure your installations are not interrupted it is best to use the same brand of connectors with the same brand of crimping tool if possible. Most companies that manufacture crimping tools will also have their own line of connectors. Some tool manufacturers are now making their tools more universal than ever. This is because they have recognized this issue and do not want to hinder sales. For best results and hassle-free installation, it is best to find a connector and tool line you like and stick with it!

How often do I need to buy new crimp or termination tools?

You really get what you pay for. The most expensive tools are more durable and made with better materials. Where the cheaper ones are usually all plastic and often break. If you are a professional installer and rely on your tools every day, then you will want to invest in the best possible tool. If you are a home owner or do0it-yourselfer the less expensive one will be fine since you will not be using it on a daily basis.

Do I need a special tool for terminating connectors on plenum rated cables?

No you don’t. But you will need special connectors. If you are working with plenum Cat5e and Cat 6 cables they there is no special connectors needed, since you are not dealing with the outer jacket. But when you are terminating plenum rated coaxial cables you will need special connectors. The jacket size on plenum cables is a different size then non-plenum cables. So you need to make sure you buy connectors that are specially made to fit the outer jacket on plenum cables. It is important to always buy the right connectors for your cables. Look at the gauge, jacket size, and any other specifications that will provide you with the information you need to choose the right connectors.

Which termination tool brands does Cabling Plus offer?

We only offer crimp and compression tools manufactured by the best names in the industry. We understand the importance of having a high quality tool to do the job. We offer tools manufactured by companies like Belden, Platinum Tools, ICC, and Steren. All recognized leaders in the security, networking, and audio video industries. All of our tools have been tested to ensure they provide long lasting high quality terminations.