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Classic Keystone Wall Plates

Use keystone wall plates to add the finishing touch to your network cabling installation. At Cabling Plus we have a huge selection of keystone wall plates in different colors, sizes, and port quantities to support any residential or commercial cabling project. Use our professional grade keystone wall plates to give your cabling project a clean professional look!

Use Keystone Wall Plates to manage all your network connections! 

Keystone wall plates are used to finish off the trim in network cabling installations. No residential or commercial network cabling project is complete without the installation of quality keystone wall plates. Keystone wall plates are basically the plates used to hold all your connections as they are installed in a room, office, cubical, or at the end-user locations. Keystone wall plates are the finishing touch at the end of a network cabling installation. 

In a network cabling application most often cables are ran from a closet, network rack, or a technology room out to all the end-user locations. These cables could be used for a number of audio, video, voice, or data network purposes. But the end result is that all those cables need to get out to their final destination so they can be used to attach and support the connection of numerous electronic devices. These electronic devices could be computers, televisions, telephones, or any other devices that are connected to a network or need to receive a network signal to function. All of these connections are most commonly terminated with some type of connector or jack to allow end-users to easily plug devices into a network. Once these cables are terminated into a jack they are ready to be snapped into a keystone wall plate that will hold, support, and organize them during connectivity use. 

At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of keystone wall plates to support any audio, video, voice, and data network application. We offer a wide variety of keystone wall plates in numerous different colors, sizes, and port quantities so you can configure all our network outlets your way. We have the keystone wall plates that give you complete control to manage all your connections and terminations any way you need to create the look you want and the connections you need. Buy all your keystone wall plates today from a trusted source like Cabling Plus!

Why do you call them classic keystone wall plates?

Classic keystone wall plates are the original wall plates invented to support voice, data, and now even audio video keystone jacks. These are the most basic type of wall plates on the market. As you can see there is nothing fancy about them. They are flat, solid, and feature a simple two screw installation. Classic keystone wall plates are easily the most popular wall plates purchased for both residential and commercial cabling applications.

Are classic keystone wall plates universal?

Classic keystone wall plates are universal, which means you can insert most keystone jacks directly into them. The port size on keystone wall plates is universally supports supported by most manufacturers. When we say "most" it is because there are a lot of no-name no-brand keystone jacks on the market that are poorly made and may not fit perfectly into ours. But if you are using name brand cabling products made by reputable manufacturers than these will work great!

What are my options when choosing keystone wall plates?

Keystone wall plates are offered in numerous different colors, sizes, and port quantities. You have the flexibility to choose the wall plates that best support the connectivity configuration you need at each plate location. This will depend on the service types and network cables you have going to a particular end-user location. With multiple color options you can also choose the wall plates that best support the look you want in any area.

What jacks can I use with a keystone wall plate?

There are numerous keystone jacks available to snap directly into a classic keystone wall plate. In the past they were really designed to just support your common voice, data, and video F type keystone jacks, but today there are keystone jacks available to support numerous audio, video, voice, and speaker applications. There are even now keystone HDMI jacks available that allow you to manage your in-wall HDMI cable runs within a keystone wall plate!

What brand are your classic keystone wall plates?

All of our keystone wall plates are manufacturers by ICC Cabling Products. They are a world leader in manufacturing high quality network cabling products and accessories. We would rate ICC in the top 5 for sure when it comes to top companies in the world that manufacture high performance voice, data, and video cabling products. ICC has a great name in the cabling industry.

Can I mount a keystone wall plate right onto the wall?

You can but it is not best practice. Keystone wall plates are designed to mount onto low voltage mounting brackets that are installed in the wall. These low voltage brackets are put in place to create a permanent and durable outlet to support both a wall plate and the connections they are housing. Once the low voltage mounting bracket is in place then you can easily screw your keystone wall plate onto the bracket. The low voltage mounting brackets are designed to match the screw and hole placements on the keystone wall plates. Once screwed-down the end result is a neatly installed wall plate that is snug against the wall. Adding new outlets and wall plates is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

What tools do I need to install a keystone wall plate?

Assuming you already have a low voltage mounting bracket in the wall, all you need is a screw driver to install your keystone wall plates. But if you need to create a new outlet from scratch you will need a drywall saw, level, a screw driver, and the low voltage mounting brackets to insert in the wall. If this a new outlet in an existing home or business then you will need an Arlington LV1, LV2, LV3, or LV4 low voltage mounting bracket depending on the wall plate size and gang quantity you want in a particular wall plate location.