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Blank Patch Panels

Use a blank patch panel option to support your custom residential or commercial cabling installations. A blank patch panel gives you the flexibility to install any voice, data, video, audio, or fiber snap-in keystone connectors into a single easy to manage blank panel. You have complete control to pick the connections you need for a total custom cabling installation. Choose the blank patch panel you need to give your installation a clean professional look!

Use a Blank Patch Panel for a complete custom network installation!

A blank patch panel gives you the flexibility to use any connector types you need in one simple to manage panel. A blank patch panel is just like a regular patch panel but with all the ports blank so you can insert any connector type you need to support your installation. You have the option to install any voice, data, video, audio, or fiber snap-in keystone connectors into a single blank patch panel. All blank patch panels are designed to fit into any standard 19” rack giving you complete flexibility in custom cabling applications.

At Cabling Plus we offer blank patch panel options in multiple port options to support installations of any size. All our blank patch panels are made of high quality reinforced steel that guarantee a durable long lasting installation. We also offer vertical blank patch panels that include their own mounting bracket for installations where you are wall mounting all your network hardware. If you are looking for cost effective ways to easily organize your connections then using a blank patch panel option from Cabling Plus might be the best solution for you. 

If you need assistance in choosing the right blank patch panel and connectors to support your network application call Cabling Plus today and let us assist you. Our goal is to make sure all your cabling installations are a complete success!

What is a blank patch panel?

A blank patch panel is basically a panel of open ports that allow you to insert your own connectors and inserts right into the panel. They are just like a regular loaded patch panel but now you get to fill it with all the connector types you need to best manage your technology infrastructure. You have the option to fill it with the connectors you need to support any video, voice, data, audio, or fiber applications. Once filled with connectors you can then start attaching cables to the panel using the installed connectors. Using a custom blank patch panel configuration gives you complete flexibility while you strive to give your installation a clean organized and professional look.

What is the purpose of using a blank patch panel?

Blank patch panels are very common when cabling for various network and technology needs. The purpose of a patch panel is to allow you to manage all your cable connections in a central location prior to them branching out to the various electronic equipment products the cables are supporting. A patch panel that is completely blank allows you to configure a panel location in any way that will best support your low voltage cabling infrastructure. You have the ability to configure a blank patch panel with any connectors and inserts you need. You can customize connector colors, cable location labels, and connector, insert, and snap-in module types.

What kind of module inserts can I install in a blank patch panel?

Today there are many jacks, inserts, and snap-in modules available on the market. Some of the most popular are designed to support BNC, RCA, Cat5e, Cat 6, RJ11 voice, F type, and speaker connections. There are even 3.5mm, S Video, and HDMI module inserts available that you can use to insert into any blank patch panel if need be. You have the option to manage any low voltage cable connections you need right in a blank patch panel.

How do I mount a blank patch panel?

Blank patch panels are designed to mount on all standard 19” racks and cabinets. So you can mount them on any stand-alone rack, wall mount rack, and into any equipment cabinets. Most professional grade cabling equipment supports the industry standard 19” configuration, which means they should all integrate and collaborate together. Blank patch panels come with all the mounting screws you need to successfully mount them.

What is a vertical blank patch panel?

A vertical blank patch panel is designed for installations where a custom patch panel is needed but there is no rack or cabinet to mount it to. The vertical blank patch panel gives you the same flexibility of a horizontal blank patch panel plus it comes with its own wall mount bracket so you can basically mount it on any flat surface. Vertical blank patch panels are only offered with 8 or 12 open ports so they are really designed for residential or small business network installations.

How do I choose the right blank patch panel?

Like any network installation you want to do some planning. The key is to choose the panel that will support the number of cables you are trying to manage at any particular location. You may even want to plan for future growth by choosing the blank panel that will give you extra ports just in case you expand or add technology. You also have the option to add an extra blank panel to your rack down the road if you expand. So when choosing a rack solution you also want to choose the one that will give you extra room for future growth. The technology market is booming so you just never know what type of equipment or products you may want to add down the road to enhance your voice, data, video, or audio infrastructure.