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Decora Wall Plates & Inserts

Use Decora wall plates and inserts to give your outlets the most professional and stylish look! Decora wall plates and inserts are designed to give wall outlets a high end look in both residential and commercial cabling installations. At Cabling Plus we have a huge selection of Decora wall plates, faceplates, and inserts in different types and colors that will help you create the decorative look you want! 

Use Decora Wall Plates and Inserts to give your wall plates a more stylish look. 

Decora wall plates have become more and more popular in homes and businesses where more decorative looking wall plates are desired. Decora wall plates are just as simple to install as standard keystone wall plates with the only difference being their more stylish look. Essentially Decora wall plates consists of inserts that are mounted to support the number of ports or type of ports needed in an outlet location, and then they are trimmed out with a Decora faceplates. The end results are clean stylish wall plate outlets ready for use! 

Decora wall plates come in different sizes and colors so you can create the custom wall plate configuration you need at any room or office location. There are also numerous Decora inserts to choose from that offer different quantities of blank ports to be used to insert any keystone jacks that are needed to support audio, video, voice, and data connections. Also available are integrated Decora inserts that have built-in connectors already in place and ready for use. You have complete flexibility to configure your Decora wall plates to fit your own custom cabling application.

If you are striving for a more stylish wall plate look at your home or business then the use of Decora wall plates and inserts may be the best option for you. Cabling Plus offers a huge selection of Decora wall plates and inserts to support any cabling applications. Our Decora wall plates and inserts are manufactured by ICC Cabling Products, a premier manufacturer of professional grade cabling products. Choose the professional grade Decora wall plates and inserts that best support your cabling installation!

What is the purpose of using decora wall plates & inserts?

Decora wall plates and inserts are designed to provide your low voltage outlets with a more decorative look. Although they are most popular in residential cabling applications, they are often found installed in the business. It all has to do with the look you want. Decora wall plates and inserts work the same as classic keystone wall plates except you put your keystone jacks and inserts into the open ports of the decora insert. Then you trim the insert by mounting a decora faceplate over the top. Again, the end result is a more finished cleaner look.

How do I choose decora wall plates & inserts?

Decora wall plates and inserts are made in numerous gang configurations and port quantities. Once you decide on the number of connections you will have at a particular location then you need to choose the decora plates and inserts to support them. Decora inserts come in 2, 3, 4, and 6 port configurations, while the decora faceplates come in single, double, triple, and quad gang options. So you have the ability to build a very large outlet with multiple configured connections.

What connectors can I house in a decora insert?

The open ports on decora inserts are made to an industry standard. So you can easily install any keystone inserts and jacks directly into them. Keystone jacks and inserts are available to support numerous audio, video, voice, and data connections. Again, your goal is to use the decora insert and faceplate solution to house and support all your connections at one central outlet location.

How do I install a decora wall plate and insert?

Both decora wall plates and inserts are designed to screw directly down onto a low voltage mounting bracket. So if you are creating a new outlet you will need to cut a hole in the wall and install a new mounting bracket. If you already have a low voltage mounting bracket in place, than you can simply screw the insert and faceplate down directly onto the screw holes of the mounting bracket. All mounting brackets, decora inserts, and decora faceplates are designed to an industry standard, so their mounting holes are meant to match up. Installing both a new outlet and an existing outlet can be done in a matter of minutes.

What decora wall plates an inserts do you offer?

We offer the entire line of decora inserts and wall plates manufactured by ICC Cabling Products! ICC is one of the world leaders in designing high quality and high performance cabling products. They make a complete line of standard decora inserts and faceplates, plus they offer integrated decora inserts that are pre-loaded with speaker binding posts, VGA, RGB, HDMI, Voice, and F type inserts. The ICC decora insert and faceplate products are manufactured to the highest standards, and are trusted by professional installers all over the US.