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Surface Mount Boxes

Use our professional grade surface mount boxes to create the wall outlets you need in voice, data, audio, and video cable installations. A surface mount box allows you to quickly create an outlet in areas where it is not possible to cut the wall and install a traditional wall outlet. At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of surface mount boxes in multiple colors, ports, and types to support any residential or commercial network cabling applications. 

Use a Surface Mount Box to create the wall outlet you need! 

Surface mount boxes are used every day in residential and commercial cabling applications. They are used to create instant outlets for supporting the installation of various voice, data, audio video, and fiber connectors. Surface mount boxes allow you to simply mount them on any wall or on furniture so you can create the outlet type you need in a particular location. A surface mount box has open ports (you choose the quality of ports you need for your application) that are designed to accept various keystone jack types. The key is to fill the open ports on a surface mount box with the various connectors you need at any given location. Using a surface mount box is the ideal solution for installations in areas where a traditional in-wall outlet is just not possible. 

At Cabling Plus we have a huge selection of surface mount boxes to support all your needs. We offer surface mount boxes that have 1, 2, 4, 6, and even 12 open ports so you can easily configure and customize an outlet location. We even offer the hard to find surface mount junction boxes that can be used to support the installation of standard wall plates at any location. All of our surface mount box options come in numerous different colors and configurations to support even the most complex cabling projects. Choose the surface mount boxes you need today to make your network installation complete!

When should I use a surface mount box in a cabling application?

A surface mount box is commonly used in areas where it is not possible to cut a hole in the wall to add a new outlet. This may be the case if the wall is made of brick, rock, stone, or even metal. A surface mount box allows you to quickly create an outlet right on the surface of the wall, the opens ports on the surface mount box can be used to house various connector types to support voice, data, fiber, audio, and video connections.

How do I put a Cat5e jack into a surface mount box?

Putting a Cat5e jack or any other keystone jack into a surface mount box is simple. Most surface mount boxes are 2 pieces, so just pull the base and the top apart and you will see a specific area where the keystone jacks snaps into place. The female receptacle of a keystone jacks will be positioned flush in the surface mount box. You will want to terminate your cable onto the jack prior to putting the jack inside the box. Once in place you can simply put the top back on the box and you are finished.

How many jacks can I put into a surface mount box?

It all depends on the surface mount box you choose. We offer surface mount boxes that offer a 1, 2, 4, 6, and 12 available ports. So it is important for you to do some planning and figure out how many connections you will need at any given location. It may not hurt to plan for the future and choose the surface mount boxes that offer more ports than you really need. You can always use blank port inserts to fill the unused ports, but at least you will have them in place if you ever need to add cables or connectors.

How do I attach a surface mount box to a surface or wall?

Mounting a surface mount box is very easy. All of our surface mount boxes give you three options when mounting. You can either screw the base down to the surface or you can use the included double sided tape or magnet. All three mounting options will give you a strong durable connection to the wall or surface you are mounting the surface mount box on.

Can I attach raceway to a surface mount box?

You can run surface mount raceway directly to the surface mount box to conceal your cables prior to them entering the surface mount boxes. The cleanest installation method for this type of application is to install a surface mount wall plate box in the locations you need your connections, and then run the raceway directly into the wall plate box. A wall plate box has a knock out in place so it can readily accept all raceway sizes. Once the box is in place you can mount a standard keystone wall plate right on the box for use just like a standard in wall keystone wall plate. In the end, both installation methods will work just fine and allow you to house your terminations on any surface type.