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Networking is a huge term that describes the design, installation, and implementation of a network infrastructure. The network infrastructure of a home or business can include the networking of numerous electronic devices and components as they communicate to support your technology needs. Networking can consist of just a few simple devices or 100’s of devices depending on the size of your network. It all depends on the quantity of devices you have in your network, and the requirements you have for supporting your technology needs. 

Use the Networking Product the professionals use!

The term “networking” alone can be a little intimidating. Most people right away think that networking means you must have a degree in computer technology to understand or implement a network. The truth is many people perform networking duties everyday in their home or office without even putting any thought into it! In its simplest form networking could include anything from installing a computer to a network, adding a printer to your computer, installing a data line at your office, or just adding another device to your laptop. On the opposite end networking could also include anything from implementing a network switch at your office to installing an elaborate computer network consisting of 100’s of computers. Networking can be as simple or complex depending on the network you are trying to implement.

A network consists of numerous passive and active components and devices. All the parts of a network are in place to allow your network devices to communicate either locally or with the outside world. Some of the most common network devices that need a network signal to function include computers, printers, laptops, IP cameras, IP phones, fax machines, and any other devices that rely on a network connection. The networking takes place as you build the network infrastructure to support these network devices, and as you actually put them on the network so they can start communication and accepting network signals.

When building a network there is really a huge amount parts, devices, and components that can be utilized depending on the type and size of network you are building. Some of the most common passive components of a network installation include network cables, keystone jacks, connectors, patch panels, patch cables, network racks, wall plates, rack shelves, and cable management. These are all passive components that are put in place to support the infrastructure needed for a network to deliver and acceptance signals between network devices. There are also numerous active components of a network that are used to actively deliver, manage, and organize those same network signals throughout a network. Some of the most popular active devices in a network include network routers, network switches, network hubs, and network servers, and computers. The above active and passive network components are all inter-connected together in a network installation to create the infrastructure you need to have a high speed network in place and ready for day to day use!

At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of networking products to support a complete network installation. We don’t offer the no-name no-brand products you may see all over the internet. All of our networking products are manufactured by the best names in the industry, while being designed to exceed the highest networking standards. We only offer the networking products that are 100% tested and guaranteed to ensure your network performs to its maximum potential. This is why IT manager, business owners, and network installers all over the US put their trust in networking products offered by Cabling Plus!

What kind of Cat5e Jacks does Cabling Plus offer? 

We offer the entire line of Cat5e jacks manufactured by ICC Cabling Products. We feel that the ICC Cat5e jacks are the most durable, easy to terminate, and best performing Cat5e jacks on the market. They are guaranteed to exceed Category 5e industry performance requirements while supporting up to Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Does Cabling Plus offer Gigabit Ethernet Switches?

We sure do! We offer them in 5, 8, 16, and 24 ports options. Our gigabit network switches are guaranteed to support 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet transfer rates. We have the gigabit network switch products to support both residential and commercial networking applications.

Should I use Cat 6 or Cat5e products for my network?

Both Cat5e and Cat 6 should deliver the performance you need. But Cat 6 offers much higher bandwidth than Cat5e so you need to evaluate your network requirements. If you are unsure of your network requirements it is always best to just use the best cable available! The available bandwidth from Cat5e 100 MHz and for Cat 6 it is 200 MHz’s. So if you think about bandwidth as the highway that supports your network traffic, the Cat 6 network will offer double the lanes on that highway to support your network traffic.

Does Cabling Plus offer good quality fiber optic patch cables?

Yes! We offer the entire line of fiber optic patch cables manufactured by ICC Cabling Products.We have fiber patch cables readily available to support all SC, ST, LC, and MTRJ connection type in both duplex and simplex configurations.All the ICC fiber optic patch cables are made from OFNR riser rated fiber cables and exceed all industry requirements.Each fiber optic patch cable we ship includes printed test results!

Do I need to buy a network rack or my installation?

No. If you do not have room for a full network rack installations there are other options available to support your networking devices and components. You can always use a smaller wall mount which will support a complete network installation in areas where room is limited. If you are designing a residential network then you can always use a flush mount residential enclosure and then install all your networking equipment directly in the enclosure.

Does Cabling Plus guarantee their networking products?

100%. We stand by every product we offer. We are also an authorized distributor for every product we offer. We support all manufacture warranties and work directly with our manufacturers to get you the support you need for a successful installation. Our reputation counts on your projects success!