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Integrated Wall Plates

Integrated wall plates are used to support various voice, data, and video applications. Integrated wall plates are designed to support plug and play network installations. Install a professional grade integrated wall plate in your home or business to easily terminate all your voice, data, and video cables. At Cabling Plus we offer the integrated wall plates you need to manage and organize all your network connections.

Use Integrated Wall Plates to support all your voice, data, video needs!

An integrated wall plate is usually pre-configured with built-in connectors installed on the wall plate to support fast and easy cable installations. Since the connectors you need are already integrated into the wall plate, there is no need for any assembly. Essentially, all the work is done for you! Most popular integrated wall plates have built-in outlets in place to support voice, data, phone, and video network installations. Once the integrated wall plate is ready to mount, all you have to do is start plugging cables in on the front and the back of the plate. Some of the most popular connectors that are included on integrated all plates are voice jacks, data jacks, telephone jacks, and F type connector jacks. All of these connectors are integrated into the wall plate so all you have to do is simply plug-in or screw down cables. 

At Cabling Plus we offer the integrated wall plates needed to support both residential and commercial cabling applications. All of our integrated wall plates feature a durable construction, decorative look, and have the connectors needed to ensure high quality connectivity. Choose the integrated wall plates you need to support your voice, data, and video network installation!