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66 Blocks & Accessories

A 66 block is a punch down block option used to support the distribution of telephone and data services throughout a structured cabling system. Designed to support telephone wiring, the 66 block is suitable for terminating high performance UTP cables. For best results only use 66 blocks that comply with TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 requirements. At Cabling Plus we offer a complete line of 66 block options and accessories to support the high demands of any network. Cabling and telecommunications professionals all over the US put their trust in premium cabling products offered by Cabling Plus.

More Information About 66 Blocks:

If you are organizing, moving, or installing voice and data network lines in a home or business the odds are pretty good you may come across or need a 66 block. Although the formal name is “66 block” it is not uncommon for people to refer to them by other names such as a wiring block, telephone wiring block, phone block, or cable block. A 66 block is a simple punch down block that is used to distribute voice and data services though out a network. Often 66 blocks are installed at the entry point for voice and data services of a facility and are used to deliver network services out to the actual end-users. On the opposite side of the 66 block the wires or cables will often be terminated into an outlet or keystone jack making it easy to plug in computers, telephones, or other network devices so they can access the network service. Although the use of a 66 blocks is very common if you plan to use one for a high speed network it is important to make sure the 66 block is rated for Cat5e or Cat 6 voice and data cabling use.

A 66 block uses a punch down method of terminating wire or cable onto them. A punch down tool is a networking hand tool used by telecommunications and network technicians to terminate network cables onto 66 blocks, 110 blocks, patch panels, and 110 style keystone jacks. It is important to use a specific 66 blade type when punching down wires on a 66 block. Most quality punch down tools offer a reversible punch down blade that allows the installer to easily switch back and forth from 110 to 66 style depending on the demands of the installation.

At Cabling Plus we understand the importance of having the premium cabling products that are 100% tested and designed to allow your network to perform to its maximum potential. We offer a complete line of 66 block options and accessories to support any cabling applications. Our full line of 66 block products include stand alone 66 blocks, pre-terminated 66 blocks, mounting brackets, 66 block covers, and 66 block bridging clips. If you need assistance in picking out the right products for your network cabling project call us today and let one of technical advisers assist you.

Do you need a special tool to terminate wire onto a 66 block?

Yes. In order to punch down any type of network cables onto a 66 block you need to use a standard punch down tool with a 66 style blade. A punch down tool will successfully terminate your cable pairs onto the 66 block while also trimming the wires to provide a clean long lasting termination.

Are 66 blocks rated for Cat 6?

No. Standard 66 blocks are only rated to support Cat5e requirements. If you are looking for a termination block that reaches Cat 6 performance levels than it is best to move to a 110 block or even a Cat 6 patch panel solution.

Is it necessary to use a 66 block cover in your installation?

No. Although it is not necessary it is recommended. The 66 block cover will shield your terminations from dust while protect them from the human element. If someone was to accidentally detach one of your terminations would you be able to repair it? Or would you have to call your telephone vendor in to fix them? For a small price you could easily protect your 66 block while protecting your voice services from possible interruption.

Can anyone punch down a 66 block?

Yes. Sure you will need to know your color codes and have a punch down tool but punching down cables on a 66 block is not a difficult task. A good 66 block punch down tool really does most of the work. Not only will it punch the cables down but it will also cut the cables giving your 66 block a clean professional look.

Do I need a labeling strip for my 66 block?

No. A labeling strip for your 66 block is not required. But you need to label your 66 block in some way. If you do not accurately label your 66 block terminations you will make future moves, add, and changes very difficult. It is highly recommended that you clearly label all your cables on a 66 block. Not only does this make life easier if anything goes wrong, but it also gives your 66 block an organized look. A labeling strip will also cut the time down that a phone professional could charge you since he will not have to spend a bunch of time on site tracing cables and trying to figure out where they are all being ran. A 66 block labeling strip makes troubleshooting a piece of cake!

Why do you only offer ICC Cabling Products 66 block products?

The ICC Cabling Products 66 blocks are guaranteed to support high performance voice and data applications. Plus the ICC 66 blocks are 100% tested to exceed Category 5e connecting hardware requirements. The premium performance without the premium cost makes the ICC 66 blocks and accessories ideal for our customers.