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ICACSPDT00 - ICC Cabling Products 110 & 66 Punch Down Tool

ICC Cabling Products: ICACSPDT00 66 & 110 Punch Down Tool

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The ICC ICACSPDT00 is a professional grade punch down tool designed for both 110 and 66 single-wire terminations. This premium punch down tool includes both 110 and 66 termination blades which are stored in the handle so you can quickly switch back and forth in 110 and 66 punch down applications. The ICACSPDT00 66/110 punch down tool is simple to use and features an ergonomic design for fast, comfortable, and reliable terminations!

The ICACSPDT00 includes switchable high/low impact settings that give you complete flexibility to adjust the tool to support any punch down operations. The low impact setting supports punching down 110 wiring blocks, modular connectors with IDC termination, and 110 patch plugs, while the high impact setting is used when seating connecting blocks onto wiring blocks.

  • Includes: (1) 110 & 66 Punch-Down Tool and Instructions
  • Designed for both 110 and 66 single-wire termination with both blades included
  • Ergonomic design for fast, comfortable, and reliable termination
  • High and low impact settings allowing more flexibility during punch down operations
  • Low impact setting allows punching down wiring blocks and 110 patch plugs, modules, faceplates, and patch panels with IDC termination, and high impact setting is used when seating 110 connecting blocks into 110 wiring blocks
  • Part#: ICACSPDT00

Frequently Asked Questions about the ICC ICACSPDT00 Punch Down Tool - FAQs

Why do I need a 110 blade and a 66 blade?

If you are punching down voice or telephone cables on a 66 block then you will need to use the 66 block blade type. 66 blocks are commonly mounted on a wall and used to distribute and manage telephone signals. If you are terminating cables onto keystone jacks, 110 blocks, or patch panels then you will need to have a 110 blade type. The ICACSPDT00 punch down tool comes with both blades. While you are using one of the blades the other is secured in the storage area of the handle. This allows you to quickly switch back and forth from 110 to 66 type terminations. Both the 110 and 66 blades are vital to any installation.

What should I look for in a high quality punch down tool?

Durability and comfort are the most important factors in choosing a great punch down tool. If you are in the networking or cabling industries you could be punching down 100’s or even 1000’s of cable pairs every day. So having a punch down tool that is comfortable in your hands is important. The ICACSPDT00 has a great shape that is comfortable in the hand, plus it has textured black rubber inserts built into the handle that ensure a solid and comfortable grip. Durability is also important because the last thing you want to do is buy a new tool every month. The tool you choose needs to perform and last on the job site because time is money! The ICACSPDT00 is made of high impact plastic so it is built to withstand the toughest installations in the most challenging environments.

What kind of adjustments can I make with a punch down tool?

The ICACSPDT00 punch down tool gives you the ability to adjust the impact strength of the tool when terminating cables. The high and low impact settings give you flexibility to make the adjustments needed depending on the type of terminations you are performing. Most professional installers use the low impact setting when punching down wiring blocks and 110 patch plugs, modules, faceplates, and patch panels with IDC termination. They will often use the high impact setting when seating 110 connecting blocks into 110 wiring blocks.

What does “impact” mean when it comes to punch down tools?

Most high quality punch down tools feature an internal spring mechanism that performs an impact punch when terminating wire. The spring snaps the head causing the impact. This feature uses the spring mechanism so you can save your strength and use the tool to create its own force during a termination. The impact feature ensures a clean termination, and allows the blade to cut the excess cable at the termination point. Without the impact mechanism is could be very exhausting to punch down 100’s of cables.

Which cable types need to be punched down?

The most common cables that are terminated with a punch down tool include Cat 3, Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat6A, and Cat 7 cables.

Do I really need a punch down tool?

It is pretty difficult to install voice and data lines and not use a punch down tool. Sure there are tool-less jacks, and you can buy plug and play networking products with premade patch cables to support your needs. But those parts are often hard to find and not always the best performers. Besides having and punch down tool you will also need some other basic hand tools like cable cutters, snips, and maybe even a cable tester to test your work. Plus you will need to know your color codes or be able to read directions real well to understand how to properly terminate the cable pairs or the wire you are using. Must high quality punch down jacks, patch panels, and termination blocks will have the color codes labeled on them to assist you in ensuring the cable pairs are placed and terminated in the correct location.

How do I prepare my cable prior to using my punch down tool?

Since you are working with the cable pairs you will have to use a cable jacket stripper to remove the outer jacket. Most commonly you will only remover about 2 inches of jacket so you can gain enough access to the cable pairs so you can easily separate them, organize them , and punch them down. The key is to punch the cables pairs down as close as possible to the cables twist. The cables twist is vital to the cables performance so it is something you want to maintain. The closer the punch down is to the twist of the cable is always best!

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