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Are you looking for ways to increase security measures at your home or business? Most people do not realize that adding security components or devices to their home or business can be very simple and done so with very little effort. The pay-off of doing so is that your customers, employees, family members, and assets are much better protected and secured. Adding security to your home or business is the best way to protect the things that are most important to you from danger, damage, loss, or criminal activity.

Increase security measures to protect what’s most important to you!

Security can really mean a number of things. You can add security to your home or business in numerous ways to better protect them both! Security could mean hiring a security guard, upgrading your door locks, adding locks to your windows, or installing an alarm system, video intercom system, access control system, or surveillance system. There are 1000’s of options for you to increase security measure at your home or business. It is up to you to decide what measures need to be taken so your employees, family members, and you feel more confident and secure. Remember that adding security to your home or business is an investment in your future! 

Many people may already have some type security measures in place at their home or business. For instance they may already have an alarm system installed and monitored by a local alarm company. If you are one of these people that do have an alarm system then you are definitely on the right path. But for some people and their families a simple alarm system is just not enough! Many people may not realize that there are numerous simple alarm system add-ons that can be installed in just a few minutes to make your system more affective. Some of these alarm add-ons include sirens, strobes, photoelectric beam detectors, speakers, or more door and window alarm contacts to ensure all available entry access points are secure. All of these simple add-ons can not only increase the security measures of your home or business, but also add a higher presence of security which in most cases will deter a criminal from even looking your way.

Security seems to be on everyone’s mind today. People are starting to spend less money on home theater’s or surround sound systems (which are nice to have’s) and more money on things that are more important like security. If you are one of those many people that do not have any type of security system at your home or business you may be starting to feel like it is time to take the steps needed to add one. Installing a new alarm system or any other type of security system can be very simple. You can hire a local security professional or you can even install a complete system on your own. Security systems have really come a long way. Many people install security systems and surveillance systems on their own because they are really just plug and play devices. Sure you may need some special tools for the installation, but over-all installing your own security system can easily be done in the same day! 

If you are one of those people that are concerned about the protection of your home, business, or family the installation of some type of security system could absolutely ease your mind! Adding or installing a full security system or just some extra security devices to your home or business can be quickly done without breaking the bank. Let us assist you in securing what’s most important to you!

Is a wireless security alarm system easy to install? 

Wireless alarm systems have become very popular. Installing a wireless alarm system really just entails mounting devices and powering them up. The system and the devices will automatically connect to each other and start communicating. There is no need for any tools to terminate wires and cables. We offer a complete line of professional grade wireless alarm system kits and accessories to support both residential and commercial security system installations. A wireless alarm system is very easy to install and in most cases they are much more effective then tradition wired alarm system. 

What do I need to add a strobe light to my current alarm system? 

A strobe light is very simple to add to your current alarm system. All you need to do is run some 18 gauge 2 conductor wire from your alarm panel to the location you are mounting the strobe light. The relay output on your alarm will not only power the strobe light but also manage it as an alarm is triggered. A strobe light can be up and running in a matter of minutes! 

How much should I spend on my security? 

Tough question! Spend as much as you need to feel secure and safe! There are security systems available to support any budget. You could buy a huge elaborate security system or you can just install a few extra security devices. It all depends on the assets you are trying to protect, and the area you are trying to secure. 

Can Cabling Plus help me install my new security products? 

We don’t actually install anything. But we are here to support you in any way possible. We have experts on staff that have decades of experience installing alarm, access control, and surveillance systems. We can help you design your security system and support you throughout the entire process of getting it installed. We will also be happy to get our manufacturers involved and utilize their internal resources to get you all the help you need. 

Can I connect a photoelectric beam detector to my alarm system? 

If you are trying to add some perimeter security to your home or business a photoelectric beam detector is ideal for you. The best way to install a photoelectric beam detector is to absolutely add it to your current alarm panel. Then the alarm panels will manage the detector and allow you to control it using your security alarm keypad. You will use the relay output on your alarm panel to easy attach a photoelectric beam detector to it.