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Stand-Alone Access Control Keypads & Readers

Stand-alone access control keypads & readers are the post popular and cost effective way to add access control capabilities to the entry ways at your home or business. Our stand-alone access control keypads & readers are fully programmable right at the keypad so there is no need to buy additional external software or extra programming parts. Our stand-alone keypads & readers are easy to install, simple to program, and allow you to add access control features to your home or business without breaking the bank! Choose the stand-alone keypads & readers you need to best support your access control application.

Use our stand-alone access control keypads & readers for increased security!

More and more today, business owners and home owners are becoming more security conscious. Besides your tradition alarm system or surveillance system, an access control system is a low cost but effective way to heavily increase the security measures at your home or business. Installing access control is the ideal way to manage the doors and gates of any type of building, facility, or house. Essentially a stand-alone access control keypad or reader will allow you to program multiple codes or use programmed proximity cards that someone entering a particular location will need to use in order to enter. Using an access control solution at your home or business will ensure your entry points are 100% managed, controlled, and secured!

Most people are intimidated with the thought of implementing an access control system. The truth is installing a system can be very easy. Besides mounting hardware, pulling a small amount of security wire, and simple programming, an access control system can be up and running in no time. Our access control readers and keypads are designed for installation by Do-It-Yourselfers and professional security installers.

At Cabling Plus we offer numerous stand-alone access control keypads & readers to support any indoor and outdoor access control applications. All of our stand-alone products are simple to install, but robust enough to support small, medium, and large access control installation needs. We offer flush-mount, surface mount, weatherproof, and illuminated access control keypads and reader that give you the flexibility to add access control to any location or door type. Get on the path to securing your vital areas with access control keypads and reader from Cabling Plus!

What is a stand-alone access control keypad?

A stand-alone access control keypad is an all-in-one access control system which gives you a low cost solution for managing and securing a door or entry way at the home or business. The control and management of an entry way is achieved by giving visitors their own unique credentials that must be used to enter a particular location. The credentials can be authorized by using a proximity card or key fob that have the credentials embedded inside them, or a password code can be typed right on the keypad. Once the correct credentials are received by the keypad or proximity reader, the system will send a signal to the electronic lock verifying it is safe to open. A stand-alone access control system is completely programmed and managed through the keypad or reader which heavily simplifies the entire installation process. Installing a stand-alone access control keypad is relatively simple, and is really the fastest and most cost effective way to implement an access control strategy.

What are the most common applications for a stand-alone access control keypad?

Access control in general is very popular in both residential and commercial security applications. There are access control systems that are designed to control from a single door up to a 1000 doors. A stand-alone all-in-one access control keypad system is really designed to give you a cost effective way to manage individual doors or gates. Since you are securing a door with a single keypad or reader the wire and installation cost is very minimal. In a residential installation a stand-alone access control keypad can be used to secure a single door, gate entry to a property, facility, or swimming pool area, entry to a parking infrastructure, or for any other areas where there is an entry way. Commercial applications are very similar where a stand-alone keypad access control system can be used to manage entry ways, floors of a building, lobby’s, elevators, departments, parking areas, and any other areas where security is a concern.

Are stand-alone access control systems for indoors or outdoors?

Stand-alone access systems are available for both external and internal door control and management. The outdoor stand-alone readers and keypads are usually vandal-proof, which means they are totally protected from being damaged or tampered with. Plus they usually have LED lighting built into the keypad or reader so they can be easily seen and used in low lighted areas. An outdoor reader or keypad will also be weatherproof so they can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Stand-alone access control keypads are available in both flush and surface mount types, so you have the ability to create the look, or support the installation requirements of any entry location.

What are some good tips for installing a stand-alone access control system?

In order to implement any access control system you must either have or install electronic locks on the door or gate you are securing. Electronic locks are simple to install but you need to first evaluate the entry way and choose the locking hardware that is made for that particular type of door or gate. If you struggle with this part of the installation you can always call a local locksmith. Installing an access control solution along with tradition surveillance and alarm products will heavily increase the security measures at any home or business!

How does a stand-alone access control system increase security measures?

Having the ability to better manage any entry way with an access control system will always provide better security. Plus most systems will provide you with statistics and or reports that give you vital information about an entry way location. An access control system is all about control, and having the ability to control doors and gates will better secure your family member, employees, and visitors. There is no doubt that access control is much more reliable, durable, and secure than using a standard key lock system. It is also much cheaper too! The cost of making new keys or replacing lost keys can get very expensive. Programming a card or giving them a code to punch in has very little cost when dealing with areas that have lots of daily traffic or visitors.