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Security Sirens & Speakers

Security sirens and speakers are commonly used as alarm system add-ons to increase security measures at the home or business. Both sirens and speakers are simple to install and can be just what you need to have more confidence in your current alarm system. At Cabling Plus we have a huge selection of professional grade sirens and speakers to support various security applications, and alarm system requirements. Let Cabling Plus assist you in securing the things that are most important to you!

Use Security Sirens & Speakers to secure your home or business!

The most common application for both security sirens and speakers is to add them to your current residential or commercial alarm system. If installed correctly a siren can be a great deterrent for scaring away criminals before they even step foot in your home or business. Often just the presence of a siren is enough to encourage a burglar to go elsewhere! Not only are sirens effective in scaring away the criminal element, but they are also great for alerting people to possible criminal act, and assisting the police in finding your location faster. Most people that install extra sirens at their home or business also install a strobe light to add even more security measures.

Both sirens and speakers are simple to mount, easy to install, and can be up and active within just a few minutes. Once you have added a siren or speaker to your alarm panel they are completely controlled and managed by your alarm system. So they are really simple, plug and play devices! Most standard alarm panels already have the inputs in place to easily connect both sirens and speakers to the system. The great thing about both sirens and speakers is that they support a simple two wire installation. Meaning there is no need to run any other cables beside a common 18/2 multi-conductor cable. Most sirens and speakers will have color coded 18 gauge leads coming right out of them that allow you to simply attach wire directly to them. On the alarm panel side there will be terminals already in place that allow you to easily screw down the wire coming from either the siren or speaker. After these simple connections are made you will have sirens and speakers in place and ready to support your security system.

At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of security sirens and speakers to support both indoor and outdoor security applications. We offer security sirens and speakers that support wall mount, surface mount, and flush mount requirements. Plus all of our siren products give you the option to select the type of tone that they emit. If you are considering installing sirens and speakers at your home or business let Cabling Plus assist you! If you have any questions regarding how to choose a siren or speaker, or how to install them correctly, call us today and let one of our security experts assist you!

How does a security siren work?

The security siren is activated by the alarm panel. Once the alarm system is triggered the panel sends a signal to the siren which makes it sound. The purpose of installing a siren is to really get an intruder’s attention, while getting the attention of surrounding people. After the siren sounds it will scare the intruder and in most cases cause them to flee the scene. A security siren or alarm siren is one of the most popular add-ons to an alarm system installed at the home or business. It is a great way to beef up your current security system without spending a lot of money. Alarm sirens are very affordable and simple to install.

How do I install a security siren?

Installing a siren onto your current alarm system is very simple. Most alarm panels have open relay outputs readily available for you to add various alarm system add-ons like strobe lights, sirens, perimeter sensors, and speakers. Alarms sirens support a simple 2-wire installation, so we recommend using an 18-2 multi-conductor cable when wiring them to the panel. You will simply run wire from the alarm panel out to the location of the siren. There are various security sirens available to support your installation needs. We have both surface and flush-mount sirens available that will support any security application or installation location.

Where is the best place to mount a security siren?

You can really mount a siren almost anywhere at your home or business. Many home owners install sirens in their garage or in close proximity to both the front and back doors. This way the siren will be heard in both directions. Business owners also tend to install sirens close to entry access points, or in the warehouse, lobby, and storage areas. Sirens are very loud and will be heard from far distances, but you do want to make sure it will be heard in all directions.

Do I need more than one siren on my alarm system?

In smaller business and residential installations one siren may be enough. But when you are trying to secure large homes and big business facilities you may have to add multiple sirens to ensure they will be heard in all directions. One way is to just test the sirens. All alarm panels have a test feature you can trigger so you can test the effectiveness of the siren. Sound it off and walk around your home and business to make sure the loudness is adequate enough for your needs. Louder is always better!

What if my alarm panel came with a siren that is not loud enough?

You can always replace a security siren with a better one. In fact, many sirens that come with cookie cutter alarm panels are not loud enough or affective enough. So it is very common for home and business owners to replace their installed sirens with a better product. Add-on sirens are known in the industry to be much louder.

Can I adjust the type of sound my siren makes?

It really depends on the siren you buy. Many low end alarm systems or alarm packages that are bought usually offer just a real low quality low cost security siren, which does not give any sound options. We offer sirens that offer different tones depending on your personal choice. So you have the flexibility to choose the sound or tone you prefer to use in your application.