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Security Strobe Lights

At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of strobe lights to support any alarm, security, or communication applications. All of our strobe lights support simple two wire installations so you can have a strobe light up and running at your home or business in a matter minutes! We offer both standard and LED strobe lights in multiple colors and power requirements to support any installation types. Use our professional grade strobe lights to increase security measures at any business or home! 

Install Security Strobe Lights for added security at your home or business! 

For many people a standard alarm system is just not enough. Often home owners and business owners want higher security measures so they can feel more confident that the things that are most important to them are safe. One simple measure that can be taken to increase the security measures at your home or business is to add strobe lights to your current alarm system. Strobe lights are relatively inexpensive, simple to install, and can be very effective in scaring away potential criminals. Just the presence of strobe lights alone is usually enough to encourage a burglar to go elsewhere! Strobe lights not only deter potential criminals, but they are also great at visually alerting people to a problem, or even assisting the police in finding your home or business faster in case of an emergency. 

Installing strobe lights to your current alarm system can be done with very little effort. Most standard alarm panels already have the inputs in place to easily attach numerous add-on devices to the system. These add-ons could include sirens, strobe lights, or even speakers. By adding strobe lights to your alarm system you are essentially using the system to control and manage them. Once an alarm sensor is triggered, the panel will then trigger the alarm along with the strobe lights and any other add-ons you may have attached to the panel. The great thing about strobe lights is that they support a simple two wire installation. Meaning there is no need to run any other cables beside a common 18/2 multi-conductor cable. Most strobe lights have color coded 18 gauge leads coming right out of them that allow you to simply attach wire directly to them. On the alarm panel side there will be terminals already in place that allow you to easily screw down the wire running back to the panel from the strobe lights. After these simple connections are made you now have strobe lights in place and ready to support your security system!

If you are considering adding strobe lights to your current alarm system we recommend you install them in locations where they will be easily seen from your surrounding streets, or from a direction where there is the most traffic. So it makes sense to install at least one strobe light right outside the front of your home or business. Most law enforcement officials suggest that you mount strobe lights on the highest point of a structure so they can be seen from a farther distance. Remember! The whole purpose of installing strobe lights at your home or business is to get people’s attention!

What is the purpose of a security strobe light?

A security strobe light is one of the most popular alarm system add-ons. Once the alarm system is triggered voltage is sent to the strobe light which causes it to activate. The bright lights that are activated are meant to get the attention of surrounding people. The hope is that the attention brought on by a strobe light will be enough to cause a possible criminal to flee, or get surrounding people to come to the area and help or investigate. Most tradition alarm systems will use strobe lights and sirens as their main attention getters. Strobe lights are also great for assisting law enforcement in finding a location post alarm, or for making people aware of a possible hazard or threat.

Are strobe lights for security easy to install?

Most alarm panels have numerous outputs that are readily available for easily attaching multiple security sirens, strobe lights, and motion sensors. In most cases the alarm panel provides plenty of power for activating numerous peripherals. Once you have mounted your strobe lights in the desired locations you will need to homerun wire them back to the alarm panel. We recommend wiring your strobe lights by using a standard 18-2 multi-conductor cable. The simple 2 wire installation and simple mounting of strobe lights make them very easy to add to your security system. Once attached to the alarm panel the strobe lights will be managed and controlled by the panel just like all your other attached security devices.

What color of strobe light should I use at my home?

It is really all about personal preference. But since you want your strobe lights to be visible from the farthest possible distance you will want to evaluate your environment and choose the color that you think will be most visible in your area.

Where should I install a security strobe light?

You can install strobe lights almost anywhere in both indoor and outdoor locations. We recommend installing them in places where they will catch the attention of people in all directions. If your home or business is in a remote or hidden area from a main street you may need to install multiple strobe lights. More visibility is always better!

What are the power requirements of security strobe lights?

We offer strobe lights that will support both 12VDC and 24VAC requirements. So it is important to evaluate your alarm system or security application and choose the strobes that best support your needs. Strobe lights really require very little power to operate at their full potential.

How long should a strobe light last?

It really depends on the brand and how often the strobe light is activated. Our standard strobes will give you a life span of about 300 hours at continuous use. We also offer the new SECO-LARM LED strobe lights that feature an operating life of over 50,000 hours or 5.7 years. A good quality strobe light for security purposes should last multiple years.