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Surveillance is the global term that describes the monitoring of people, places, and things. Although surveillance is a very broad term, it is usually done through technology devices like security cameras or a surveillance system. Installing a surveillance system at the home or business has grown in popularity. Most people feel more secure and confident that their assets are protected if a surveillance system is in place supporting the 24/7 monitoring. A surveillance system can range from a low cost simple system to a big dollar high tech system. Today, there are numerous different types of surveillance systems and components available to support any budget or project type.  We offer numerous professional grade dome cameras, bullet cameras, and specialty cameras needed for a successful security camera installation. 

Use a Surveillance System to protect the things that are most important to you! 

Installing a surveillance system at your home or business can be pretty simple. Most surveillance systems support a plug and play installation, so you can install a system on your own or call in a professional installer. The positive aspect of calling in a professional is that they understand how to install cables to best support building codes, and they know how to choose the cameras and lenses that are best to secure certain areas that have different requirements. So if you are planning on installing your surveillance system on your own, it is best to do your research and choose the components that best support your needs. The last thing you want to do is make a huge investment only to realize the security cameras you chose don’t view the areas you are trying to secure properly, or that camera power supply you chose will not power your cameras properly. Doing the proper research and choosing the right surveillance products will ensure you get the most out of your system. It will also ensure that you do not have to learn any expensive lessons!

A standard surveillance system usually encompasses some key components. The most common components usually include security cameras, a video recorder, a power supply, a monitor, and some wire or cable to connect all the components together. There are numerous other accessories and components available depending on how robust or high tech your surveillance system is. The video recorder in a surveillance system is the heart of the system. This is where all the video your security cameras see is saved, monitored, and downloaded. If you are installing an analog CCTV system, the video recorder you will need will be a standard CCTV DVR (Digital Video Recorder). If you are installing an IP camera system then you would have to look into using a NVR or Network Video Recorder. Regardless of the recording device you use the main purpose of them is to store your video so it can be accessed at anytime. Beside video storage a video recorder is packed with numerous features that allow you to control and mange your cameras, manipulate and monitor video, while accessing your video from anywhere at all times.

The security cameras of a surveillance system can make a break a system. The most popular security camera types are dome cameras, bullet cameras, IP cameras, and box cameras. There are many variables involved in choosing a security camera for your surveillance system. These variables include camera location (indoor or outdoor), the size of the location you are trying to secure, and numerous other factors like weather, lighting, mounting surface, and security application type. The bottom line is that there is a security camera available to support various different surveillance needs and applications. It is just up to you to evaluate your surveillance requirements and choose the camera that will best secure your areas.

There are numerous other vital components of a surveillance system. A complete surveillance system can be as simple or as complex as needed to support your security needs. Although most surveillance applications are pretty simple, there are applications that must be supported correctly. At Cabling Plus we offer numerous professional grade surveillance products to support any application. All of our surveillance products are manufactured by recognized leaders in the surveillance industry. We also only offer the name brand surveillance products that are backed by the best warranties in the business. These are not at all like the cheap surveillance systems you find at your local Costco or electronics store that offer only a 1 year warranty! We offer professional grade surveillance products that are built to last and designed to support all your 24/7 critical surveillance needs. For decades we have been supporting our customers as they build the best surveillance systems to secure their homes and businesses. We provide the surveillance products you need to secure the things that are most important to you. If you need assistance in building your surveillance system, just call us! We have surveillance experts on-staff ready to assist you!

Does a surveillance system allow you to record audio?

Yes. Most video recording devices offer audio channels that are used to install microphones in various locations. A microphone is a completely separate device that must be wired from the microphone location to the video recording device. The video recorder you use in your surveillance system will store the audio and video signals to they are readily available for play-back, downloading, and monitoring purposes. 

I just bought a complete CCTV surveillance system. What kind of cable do I need?

The most common cable used in a CCTV surveillance system installation is an RG59 Coaxial Cable.  A CCTV Cable is essentially a power cable and video cable attached together to make one simple to install CCTV cable. This cable is available in 500ft boxes, 1000ft spools, or you can buy premade CCTV cables that are cut to length and pre-terminated with connectors already on them. 

Do I need to buy BNC connectors to install my surveillance system? 

 If you are using a CCTV DVR the odds are pretty good that you will need to buy BNC connectors. Since all video recorders are not the same it will be best if you actually look on the back-end of your machine to verify that all your camera channels are BNC type. If you are using a NVR for an IP camera system it is most likely you will see RJ45 network connections on the back instead of BNC. 

What is the best surveillance system to buy? 

The best surveillance system is the one that best supports your requirements. Your requirements could include price, quality, size of area needed to secure, environmental conditions, number of cameras, or any other requirements that are important to the success of your system. It is up to you to evaluate your needs and choose the best surveillance system that supports them. If you can’t do it alone you can call a local installer or call us so we can help point you in the right direction. Another aspect that determines a good quality surveillance product is the warranty that it offers. Only buy surveillance products that have the strongest warranties! 

Will Cabling Plus help me design my surveillance system? 

Absolutely! We take pride in helping our customers design, maintain, or trouble shoot all aspects of their surveillance systems. We have surveillance professionals on staff ready to assist you on the phone! If for some reason we can’t assist you we will immediately get one of our partner manufactures on the phone and ensure you get the assistance you need.

Is Cabling Plus authorized to sell the surveillance products they offer? 

100%. We have decades of experience distributing high quality surveillance equipment and systems. We are an authorized distributor for every product line we offer. This allows us to offer you the strongest prices while supporting all the manufacturer warranties. For warranty purposes alone we always recommend that you only buy surveillance equipment from an authorized distributor like Cabling Plus!