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Security DVRs - Video Recorders

A CCTV DVR or Security DVR is the heart and soul of a surveillance camera system. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to successfully record, view, and play back the video that your security cameras are capturing. At Cabling Plus we have a huge selection of security DVR products to support any residential or commercial grade surveillance applications. We offer security DVR’s in 4, 8, and 16 camera configurations to support all your mission critical surveillance requirements. All of our security DVR’s are manufactured to the highest standards while having the best warranties offered in the industry!

Use only professional grade Security DVR’s!

No security camera system installation is complete without the addition of a professional grade security DVR. A security DVR or Digital Video Recorder is the central distribution point of a surveillance camera system. The DVR gives you full control of all your cameras and the video that they are capturing. A standard security DVR offers numerous features that you need to effectively manage your security video, while also allowing you to configure each camera the best way that supports your needs.

A CCTV DVR uses a hard drive to store video just like a computer. The video that your security DVR records is saved on the hard drive so it is readily available for you to manage, manipulate, view, or download.  DVR’s offer multiple video channels for you to easily attach security cameras to them via BNC connections. Standard surveillance DVR’s come in 4. 8, and 16 channel configurations. So it is up to you to choose the DVR that has the number of channels you need to support the number of cameras you are going to install in your surveillance system. There are also multiple sizes of hard drives available for you depending on the numbers of days you want to save your past recordings. Although the standard security DVR comes with a 500GB hard drive, there are DVR’s that offer hard drive sizes up to 5 terabytes. It all comes down to how long you want to be able to save your recorded video.

For most people a 500GB hard drive on their surveillance DVR will do the job just fine. If you set your DVR up to record motion only you can save a lot of hard drive space since you will not be saving the video from the cameras that are located in areas where there is no movement. A security DVR will allow you to attach a security monitor or CCTV monitor directly to it so you can easily view your video. It will also allow you to attach it directly to the internet so you can log onto it from any computer in the world to view, replay, or even download video. If you have situations where you want to download the video from the DVR, this can easily be done through a USB drive or a DVD drive, depending on the DVR you are using. Vide recorders are very easy to install, program, and configure. All of the surveillance DVR’s we offer include pre-loaded DVR software, a remote control, and a mouse for set up purposes.

At Cabling Plus we offer security DVR’s manufactured by the best companies in the security industry. All of our video recording products are manufactured for performance while offering the strongest warranties in the business. We are also an authorized distributor for every product line we sell. Which means you will always get the technical support you need to be successful. Call us today to discuss your DVR requirements and let us assist you in choosing the best priced, most reliable surveillance DVR for your home or business!

Frequently Asked Questions About Security DVR’s - FAQ's

Do I need a surveillance DVR to install security cameras?

Yes. The CCTV DVR is needed so you can record, monitor, and play back the video your security cameras are capturing. This is really the only device that will allow you to manage both your cameras and the video they are viewing.

How do I attach my security cameras to a CCTV DVR?

Cables are attached to a surveillance DVR using BNC connections. Each video channel will have its own female BNC connector on the back of a DVR. So if you have a 16 channel DVR then you will see 16 female BNC connector integrated on the back of your machine. The coaxial cable you use for your security cameras will also need to be terminated with BNC connectors. Even if you choose to run network cables for your video signals you will still have to use BNC baluns to convert the network cable into a BNC connection type. The male BNC connectors on your cables will allow you to easily lock them into place when attached to the DVR.

What brands of DVR's do you offer?

The Ganz Digimaster and Digital Watchdog DVR's are our main lines. We have chosen these lines because they come with the best warranties, best support, and best features. We do not offer and knock off brand that you often see all over the internet. It is just too much work for us and our customer to install a cheap DVR and have to replace it after a year. We only offer professional grade CCTV DVR's!

How do I attach a monitor to my recorder?

Most people use the VGA port on the back of the DVR to attach a CCTV monitor to their machine. Most recorders will offer various connection types for this. Most of our DVR's include VGA, BNC, and composite cable connections as video outputs to support a monitor. So attaching a monitor to your system is as easy as plugging in cables.

Do I have to buy software for my surveillance DVR?

No. Our surveillance DVR's come with all the software pre-loaded and ready for use once you power up the machine. There are never any extra software packages that need to be bought. Our DVR’s also come with free mobile software so you can easily view your cameras from your Android, iPhone, and Blackberry phones. All of our DVR’s come with everything you need for a successful installation.

Do I need to hire a professional to set up my video recorder?

It is up to you. But setting up a DVR is very simple. Most DVR's are ready to go right out of the box. There are numerous features for you to set up or configure depending on your application. But the majority of the CCTV installations use the most basic features, which are already configured once you power up the machine and plug your security cameras into it. If you want to utilize some of the advanced features of your DVR you can either use the included instruction manual or call us to support you. If we can't help you for some reason we will get the manufacturer involved directly. So you have plenty of resources to ensure your installation is a success.

Are you authorized to sell the CCTV DVR's you offer?

100%. We are an authorized distributor for every line we offer. Which means you will always get the support you need, and your warranties will always be honored. We handle all the warranties directly, so we will never tell you to call the manufacturer!