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HD over Coax Cameras

Digital Watchdog (AHD) Analog High Definition 1080p Using Existing Coaxial Cable

Digital Watchdog's STAR-LIGHT AHD™ High Definition Cameras use existing coaxial cables to transmit crystal-clear 1080p images with P-Iris Lens, Double Shutter Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and True Day/Night with Mechanical IR Cut Filter. The STAR-LIGHT AHD™ cameras are engineered to work with VMAX AHD DVRs as a cost-effective, high resolution surveillance solution.

Digital Watchdog AHD Cameras Include CleanView technology

CleanView™ technology repels water and dust to maintain a camera's image quality. A technologically-advanced coating alleviates spotting and smudges that affect the camera's performance.

Star-Light Super Low Light Technology

Star-Light™ Technology provides crisp clear images in both color and Black and White in extreme low light conditions. Star-Light technology offers a slow shutter feature that increases the length of time the shutter remains open to collect additional light, illuminating typically dark environments. The technology also utilizes Digital Noise Reduction and Highlight Masking Exposure to enhance the image clarity, offering a clear image in any lighting condition.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Wide Dynamic Range technology enables the camera to capture an entire scene in a single frame, even when there are very bright and dark areas in the camera’s Field of View or images are distorted by a strong backlight. The camera adjusts the exposure to the dark area and the bright area at the same time, capturing both areas with no detail loss.

Smart IR

Smart IR adjusts the image for IR cameras to eliminate LED light reflection and white spots in the image. By breaking down the camera’s Field of View into five zones, Smart IR allows for even distribution of the IR light. This prevents excessive illumination on images that are in the front of the scene and offers a clear image in B/W with no detail loss.

3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

3D Digital Noise Reduction increases the camera’s clarity in very low light environments by using a unique algorithm to clean electronic noise signals that can reduce the camera’s visibility and trigger false motion detection events. Digital Watchdog’s special noise reduction technology allows the camera to produce clearer images in both color and B/W in low light without creating lagging or ghosting effects in the image.

TDN [True Day/Night] with IR Cut Filter

During daylight, the IR cut filter allows visible light to pass through, reflecting the unwanted infrared light. In low light environments, where artificial or external light is not available, the cut filter is removed from in front of the lens, allowing the camera to capture the infrared light that given out from the infrared LEDs, to capture as much light as possible to produce brighter images.