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Varifocal Lens

A Varifocal lens is the most popular lens type used in various CCTV and surveillance camera applications. A Varifocal lens gives you complete control to easily manage the views you are trying to capture from your security cameras. At Cabling Plus we offer the complete line of Varifocal lenses manufacturer by Computar. All of our Varifocal lenses are manufacture to the highest standards to ensure high quality professional grade video.

Choose the right Varifocal Lens for your security cameras!

Deciding on the lens type for your security cameras could be a challenging task. Making the right decision is very import to ensure you have high quality viewing video you demand from your surveillance system. If the wrong lens is used the end result will be poor quality video, and the inability to capture the areas you are trying to secure. A Varifocal lens is known for being the most flexible lens type available. A Varifocal lens gives you the ability to adjust the focal length of the lens to focus and capture a particular area or object. The focal length of a Varifocal lens can be easily adjusted by a simple turn of a dial. The small dials on the Varifocal lens allow you to make the focal length adjustments you need for a perfect camera view.

All Varifocal lenses will clearly document the focal lengths they can adjust to directly on the lens. The smaller the focal length provides the widest view you can achieve, where the larger focal length provides the most narrow long distance views. An example would be if you were to choose a common 2.8mm to 12mm Varifocal lens. Having the lens opened up to the 2.8mm focal length would give you the widest possible angle that lens can support. Which means the 12mm focal length will give you the longest distance and most narrow view. It is up to you to adjust the focal length between 2.8mm and 12mm to support the view you are trying to achieve. There are Varifocal lenses available that offer focal lengths from 1.8mm to 50mm options. It is up to you to choose the lens that best supports your application.

Most Varifocal lenses are designed to mount on all CS mount type box cameras. Box style security cameras are mostly used in situations where you need the flexibility to easily add the lenses that best support the location you are trying to secure. Having the flexibility to control your lens characteristics is crucial in any small, medium, or large surveillance camera installation. Without the right Varifocal lens you may be hindering the performance of your cameras, and making your entire surveillance system ineffective.

Let Cabling Plus provide you with Varifocal lenses you need for a successful surveillance camera installation. We guarantee to make your security cameras more effective, while ensuring you are getting the highest quality video. Choose the Varifocal lenses the professionals use!