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Micro Dome Cameras

Are you looking for micro dome cameras so you can get the cleanest flush mount look out of your security cameras? At Cabling Plus we offer a complete line of micro dome cameras that will support indoor and outdoor surveillance applications. All of our micro dome cameras are packed with valuable features so can use them to secure any areas when increasing security measures at the home or business!

Use Micro Dome Cameras for a flush mount security camera look

A micro dome camera is basically a mini flush mount dome camera that is very popular for both residential and commercial installations. The sleek low profile design and high resolution imagery that comes with a micro dome camera makes them very popular for transportation, elevators, intercom entry, ATM, and high-end residential applications.

The micro dome is about 30% smaller than a normal dome camera but it is just as powerful. Plus having the ability to flush mount it really takes the look of your camera installation to a whole to level. Our entire line of micro dome cameras are NEMA rated IP66 with a shock resistant housing, which means you can install them in some of the most challenging environments. They are also available with or without infrared LED’s so you can choose the micro dome camera that will support any areas with different lighting requirements. When you buy our micro dome cameras you get a high resolution camera, trim ring, and a 5 year warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions About Micro Dome Cameras - FAQ’s

When should I use micro dome cameras?

Micro dome cameras can really be used almost anywhere. They are vandal proof so they will support any indoor or outdoor installations. Many home owners like them because they really look great inside due to their low profile flush mount look. So a micro dome camera will work of any camera location where it is possible to mount a dome style camera. It all comes down to the look you are trying to achieve.

Are micro dome cameras just as powerful as regular dome cameras?

Don’t let the size of a micro dome camera fool you. They are just as powerful as any other dome camera type. Even though they are small you are still getting the high resolution video with numerous vital features that are needed in mission critical surveillance applications.

Will micro dome cameras secure large areas?

Yes. Like any other security camera you always need to evaluate the width and length of the area you are trying to secure, and then choose the camera that offers the lens that will support your needs. Micro dome cameras are offered with wide angled fixed lenses, and varifocal lenses that allow you to adjust the focal length so you can get the best field of view that is possible. Most people over-look the importance of a good lens and end up being disappointed by the view the camera is capturing once it goes live. Although a varifocal lens camera is usually a little more expensive at least you have the flexibility to make some much needed adjustments.

Will micro dome cameras connect to my current security DVR?

Micro dome cameras have the same BNC connections that other security cameras use. So attaching one to your security DVR will entail the same method as any other CCTV camera type. Both the micro dome camera and the security DVR have integrated female BNC connectors on them which will allow you to attach RG59 coaxial cable for video via male BNC connectors to both of them.

What is the 3D gimbal feature that comes with a micro dome camera?

The 3D gimbal on a micro dome camera is a mechanism that allows you to rotate the camera 360 degree in any direction to give you complete flexibility to point the camera in any direction needed. This allows the camera to be both wall and ceiling mounted. You can really adjust a 3D gimbal camera to secure any area in any direction.