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DVR Lock Boxes

A DVR lock box is the #1 product used to protect and secure your security DVR. A DVR lock box allows you to protect your security DVR from theft while ensuring it is never tampered with by criminals, employees, or even family members. If you have made a big investment in surveillance equipment buying a DVR lock box is a small price to pay to protect it!

Use a DVR Lock Box to secure and protect your security DVR!

A DVR lock box is a simple to install metal box that you can place your DVR into and lock it so it is always protected. A DVR lock box is ideal for the home and business so you can protect your investment and ensure your surveillance video and equipment are secure. Most DVR lock boxes give you the flexibility to use them as a standalone, rackmount, or wall mount lox box. Regardless of your installation method the main purpose of a DVR lock box remains the same. Protect your surveillance equipment!

Most quality DVR lock box products feature hinged panels or lids that open up the box so you can easily set your DVR directly inside them. They also include a powered fan so you can ensure the DVR gets the air circulation needed to combat any possible heat issues. A DVR box will also include knock outs that allow you to easily run cables in and out of the box to support any and all cable connections. The last and most important feature of a DVR lock box is that it has a heavy duty key lock that allows you to lock the box completely.

If you were a criminal or a bad employee the first thing you may want to do is steal or tamper with the security DVR. A DVR lock box is very effective in the business because it allows a business owner to protect the DVR and its video from possible employee tampering. If a manger or business owner is the only one that can access the DVR then employees may think again about performing any criminal acts. In a residential installation a DVR lock box will give you the confidence that your equipment is safe and your recorded video is safe.

At Cabling Plus we offer numerous DVR lock box options and accessories to support any residential or commercial security applications. We offer DVR lock boxes in various sizes and types to support any size DVR or installation type. We also offer the accessories you need to successfully wall mount your DVR lock to give your installation a professional look.

Frequently Asked Questions About DVR Lock Boxes - FAQ’s

Do I really need to buy a DVR lock box?

You don’t have to buy a DVR lock box when installing your security DVR. It is not required, but it may be the best way to absolutely protect your equipment. Since the security DVR is the most expensive and most important component of your entire surveillance system you just need to evaluate if locking it in a box and protecting it is important to you. It is really a small investment for you to secure the heart of your CCTV system.

What is the purpose of a DVR lock box?

The DVR lock box allows you to set your DVR in a metal box and then lock it up using an integrated lock. A good quality lock box will include an electric fan, ventilation ducts, key lock, and cable knock-outs so you can route your power and video cables out of the box to their required locations. The DVR lock box will also protect the BNC connections on the back of the DVR.  Once you have secured our DVR in the lock box it is almost impossible for someone to steal, manipulate, alter, or damage it. Since the video you are recording may the only way to catch a possible criminal, it may be in your best interest to take the extra steps to protect it.

How do I install a DVR lock box?

A professional grade DVR box will come pre-assembled and ready for use. When installing a DVR lock box you have the option to wall mount it, rack mount it, or just use it as a stand-alone box. Many people even choose to bolt it down to a cabinet, store it under a desk, or hide it in the ceiling or basement out of reach. Most professional DVR lock box manufacturers will offer wall mount accessories so you can easily mount and secure it to the wall. Once your CCTV system is up and running and the DVR is secured you rarely ever need to access your equipment. Most quality DVR’s that are offered today allow you to perform most management and programing tasks remotely. This is done by adding a network connection and actually putting the DVR on the network.

When should I consider buying a DVR lock box?

You need to evaluate the environment you are in and decide if you think it is important to best secure your DVR. Many business owners use the DVR lock box to protect their DVR from not only criminals but also employees. The last thing a business owner wants is his employees having the ability to tamper with the video that is being captured. You would have to think that criminals may want to take the DVR with them so they are not caught on tape. So in a business environment locking the DVR in a box may prove to be vital. In a residential environment you also have to be concerned about possible criminals wanting to steal the DVR. Plus you may want to lock away your DVR so your children do not damage or tamper with the video.

How do I choose the right DVR lock box for my DVR equipment?

Most DVR lock boxes are manufactured in just a few sizes or dimensions. It is important to evaluate the dimensions of the CCTV DVR you are using or going to buy and then choose the DVR lock box that will best contain it. Most 4 channel DVR's are ½ the size of the 8 and 16 channel DVR’s, so there is no reason to buy a huge box for a small sized DVR. Also, since a DVR is using power and will get hot it is always recommended that you choose the DVR box that does include an electric fan and offers plenty of ventilation.