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Premade CCTV Cables

Save time and money by using premade CCTV cables to attach your security cameras to your surveillance digital video recorder. If you are not interested in buying materials and tools, or building your own security camera cables then using premade CCTV cables may be the right solution for you. Choose the lengths you need and buy the CCTV cables that are premade and ready for a plug and play installation. We have the premade Siamese and Triamese CCTV cables that will make any security camera installation a complete success! 

Use Premade CCTV Cables to easily install all your security cameras!

More and more today do-it-yourselfers, professional installers, and business owners are turning to premade cables to successfully install their security cameras. Many people just don’t have the time or money to buy the bulk cable, connectors, and tools that are needed to make their own custom CCTV cables. A premade cable is basically a Siamese or Triamese CCTV cable that has pre-terminated BNC, RCA, and power connectors already installed on the ends of each cable. With a premade CCTV cable all you have to do is run the cable and plug in both ends. The real work that is involved in making the cables is already done for you! The most common premade cable is a Siamese cable that includes an RG59 coaxial cable for video and an 18-2 cable for power. In a CCTV camera installation the RG59 would simply plug into the camera to deliver the surveillance video back to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The power cable is used to send the power from a power supply or power transformer to the security camera so it can power up. This cable type is called a Siamese cable because it has both cables connected together to make one simple to pull and manage cable. Once the premade cable is installed you can simply pull the cables apart (like a banana peel) and plug them directly into their separate components. Also, available are premade Triamese cables that include the RG59, 18/2, and an audio cable which is designed for use in applications where audio is being recorded. 

Many people like the ability to build their own custom CCTV cables. Making your own CCTV cables gives you some flexibility to make custom lengths that may be necessary in your application. Sometimes using a premade CCTV cable is not an option. If you are setting up your DVR in a separate location than your power source then using a premade Siamese cable will not be the best solution for you. Since the RG59 and power cable are connected together you really have to install your power supply and DVR next to each other in a central location. If this isn’t possible you may have to buy individual un-terminated cables so you have the flexibility to run each cable in any direction at any length needed. Many professional installers choose to make their own cables because that is their business and they already have the tools, connectors, and bulk cable readily available. It all comes down to you, your time, and technical abilities. 

If you are looking for a time and money saving option to installing cables for security cameras then using premade CCTV cables may be the best option for you. We offer premade CCTV cables in numerous lengths, colors, and types to support most CCTV applications. All of our premade CCTV cables are 100% tested and guaranteed to deliver the highest quality video signals. Take your cable run measurements and choose the premade CCTV cables you need to successfully install all your CCTV cameras!

Frequently Asked Questions About Premade CCTV Cables - FAQ’s

Are premade CCTV cables UL rated?

They should be. All cables should be made with the same professional quality cables you would get if you bought bulk cables and made them on your own. All of our premade CCTV cables are UL listed, CM rated, and CL2 rated. What these ratings are telling you is that our cables have been tested and verified to support general cabling requirements in a business or residential installations. They are not for use in open air plenum ceiling or riser rated environments. The CL2 rating verifies the cable can also be used for in-wall installations. 

What gauge cables are your premade CCTV cables made with? 

All of our CCTV cables are made to the specifications called for in a professional CCTV installation. The RG59 coaxial cable is a standard 20 gauge solid copper cable that includes a 95% copper braid. It is also a 75 Ohm cable that is 3.0 GHz sweep tested. The 18-2 power cable is made with 18 gauge stranded wire. Both components come attached side by side to create an easy to install Siamese cable.

Do I need to strip or cut a premade CCTV cable at any time in an installation?

You shouldn’t if you are using the right components. A premade cable already has both the DC plug and BNC connector molded to the cable. So there is really no need to cut or strip the cable. It is already set up for a plug and play installation. But, if you are installing 24VAC cameras there will not be any need for the DC plug on the power cable. The best practice is to simply attach a DC power pigtail to the power cable and then use the raw cable side to attach the camera to the two conductors from the pigtail. On the power supply side you can either use the DC power connector already on the cable, or you can again use a power pig tail to create the connection you need. The solution you use all depends on if you are using a central CCTV power supply or transformers in either 24VAC or 12VDC power types. But, regardless of the power requirements there is no need to ever have to splice or cut a premade CCTV cable.

Do premade CCTV cables have crimp or compression BNC connectors on them?

All of our CCTV cables feature a compression BNC connector that includes a molded strain relief boot. The molded strain relief boots increase the strength of the connections while covering the areas where the connectors are clamping to the cable. By covering the connection between the cable and the BNC connector, the molded boot also protects the terminations from dust or moisture that could hinder the performance of the cable. Our premade cables feature this molded boot design on both ends of the coaxial cable and the 18-2 power cable.

Does Cabling Plus guarantee their cables?

All of our cables are 100% tested and guaranteed. They are manufactured with professional grade connectors and cables so you get the best performance from your surveillance system.