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Camera Housings and Mounts

Looking for professional grade security camera housings and mounts? We have the security camera housing and mounts to support any IP or CCTV security camera installation. We offer premium security camera housings and mounts to support both indoor and outdoor surveillance applications. Choose the security camera housings and mounts that will best protect your security cameras, while supporting your mounting requirements.

Use a Security Camera Housing and Mount for your surveillance system!

Although security camera housings are most popular for outdoor installations, it is not uncommon to use them when installing cameras inside a building, warehouse, or even a retail business. Using a security camera housing allows you to install both the box camera and its lens in an enclosure. The housing will provide total protection from the weather and possible vandalism. The mount you use with your camera housing is also important for providing the mounting options you need to easily install the camera in a particular location.

There are numerous security camera housings available to support multiple installation types. We offer housings with heaters, blowers, or with both, to support even the toughest outdoor environmental conditions. We also offer security camera housings in multiple sizes to support all IP and CCTV box style camera installations. We even offer POE (Power over Ethernet) camera housings that allow you to power your camera and housing over one cable! As an authorized distributor of Videotec housings and mounts there is no application we can’t support. We also offer the housings and mounts to support any project type, with any budget. Don’t underestimate the value of protecting your cameras with the right security camera housings and mounts. They are the best way to protect your investment!

If you need assistance in choosing the right security camera housing and mount for your project, call us today and let us assist you. Let one of our surveillance experts help you in choosing the best camera housing and mount for your project!

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Camera Housings and Mounts - FAQ’s

What is the purpose of using security camera housings?

Most commonly security camera housings are used in conjunction with a box camera and a lens. Choosing each component allows you to configure a camera location with any type of equipment you need. Meaning you can fill the housing with any type of box style camera and specialty lens you need to best secure an area. Most professional grade security camera housings will protect your camera in any environmental conditions. They also usually have security screws built in to ensure your internal camera and lens are not vandalized or stolen.

Do all security camera housing come with a heater and blower?

No. Security camera housings are available with no blower and heater, blower only, heater only, and with both a heater and blower. It is important for you to evaluate the environment and choose the housing that best supports the weather and climate of the location that the security camera will be installed. Although the use of a heater may be very popular in parts of the country where it is very cold and even snows, they are not very common in other places where the climate is hot where a blower is used instead.

How do I choose the mount that I need for my security camera housings?

There are numerous housing mounts available to support various mounting applications. Evaluate the camera location and choose the mount that will best support your mounting options. Most commonly the infrastructure dimensions and available mounting surface type will drive the decision on which mount you need. Security camera housing mounts are available to support any wall, ceiling, or roof mount applications.

How do I know my camera will fit in the security camera housing I need?

Most security camera housings are designed to fit most standard box cameras. They are also designed to account for the lens which in some case could be a larger than normal lens like a zoom or long range varifocal lens. If you are concerned about the amount of room in the hosing to support your needs then you can always look at the dimensions of your camera and lens and then compare them to the dimensions of the housing you want. Rarely have we seen that our housings will not support even the largest box cameras and lenses.

How does the box camera mount in the security camera housing?

Most security camera housings will have either a bracket or screw mount plate that allows you to install the camera right into the housing. In all of our housings there is a platform that allows you to screw the box cameras down tightly to the base of the housing. The platform is also adjustable so you can move the camera up, down, and side to side in order to place the camera in the best position it needs to be in to perform at its best.

What are the differences between and cheap housing and an expensive housing? 

A professional grade security camera housing usually comes with an IP66/IP67 rating. This rating means that it can withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Since the entire purpose of the security camera housing is to protect your investment, it is important to choose the housing that is made with the best materials. This will ensure a long pasting installation. Also, many of the cheaper security camera housings do not feature unique security screws. Which means anyone with a screw driver can climb up and steal your camera and lens. All of our security camera housings are manufactured with the best materials, and have all the needed components to ensure your equipment is always safe, secure, and protected.