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Security Cameras

Security cameras have become a vital component to better securing a home and business. People have realized over the years that just installing a tradition burglar alarm is not enough. Security cameras give you the ability to not only monitor an area, but also capture video of a crime, accident, injury, or important event. At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of professional grade security cameras that can be used to secure any residential and commercial areas. We offer complete end to end surveillance solutions that are built for performance and designed for durability.

We offer security cameras that include the best warranties!

At Cabling Plus we only offer the security cameras that are manufactured by the best names in the surveillance industry. These are not like the security cameras you can buy at your local big box retailer that come with a one year warranty. Our professional grade security cameras are used and trusted by professional installers and business owners all over the world. When you buy security cameras from us you can rest assure your investment is protected by the best warranties in the industry! Plus our free lifetime technical support guarantees you always have somewhere to go to for support. We are also authorized to sell every line that we offer. That means that we handle all warranties directly, and all your warranties are 100% honored. Some of our top security cameras are manufactured by well-known established companies like Digital Watchdog, Ganz, Everfocus, ATV, and Golden State Instruments.

We offer a complete line of dome cameras, bullet cameras, IP cameras, box cameras, and specialty cameras. This means there is no surveillance applications that we cannot support, and you can trust that all your mission critical areas are secured properly. We also offer all the recording devices, cameras lenses, camera mounts, and security camera accessories you need for a complete and effective surveillance system. The biggest mistake that consumers make when buying a security camera system is that they buy the same camera for every camera location. The truth is that every camera location has specific needs and requirements, and understanding those requirements will allow you to choose the right camera for the job. We offer security cameras that are designed to secure any indoor or outdoor areas, areas with special lighting requirements, areas with little or no light, and area that have special mounting requirements. No area is too tuff to secure with our comprehensive line of security cameras and accessories!

Typically, a complete surveillance system will consist of numerous cameras that are connected to a security DVR or recording device. The cameras are mounted throughout the home or business in areas where maximum coverage is achieved. The goal is to ensure all critical areas and objects are captured by each security camera in a particular area. If areas are not adequately secured your option is to install another camera. The recording device is where the video that the cameras are capturing is stored so you can not only monitor the video real time, but also go back in time and see past video that was recorded. The recording device also displays the video on a monitor for you to easily review. The most common components of a surveillance camera system include the security cameras, recording device, security monitor, security camera power supply, and the cables and connectors that connect them all together. Although the installation of a security camera system is relatively simple, the key to success is the ability to understand the components that best support your needs and requirements.

Still don’t know where to begin?

Are you having trouble designing the right surveillance system for your home or business? Do you have questions that need to be answered to ensure you make the best buying decisions? No Problem! We offer free system design and support, so you can work closely with one of our veteran technical advisors to ensure your installation is a complete success. Call us today and let us build you the best system for you that will support your budget. Or just call us to get all your questions answered. We will make sure you get the right products to support your surveillance requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Cameras - FAQ’s

What is the most popular security camera used for residential applications?

Most home owners today install bullet cameras on the outside of their homes. The reason for this is that bullet cameras are the most flexible security camera type on the market when it comes to mounting. The mounting bracket on a bullet camera allows you to mount it almost anywhere, which is perfect for the external architecture of home. A bullet camera really needs a small flat surface to be perfectly mounted. Plus a bullet camera looks aesthetically pleasing on the side of a home which is very important to many home owners. The easy installation, fast mounting, and intimidating look of bullet cameras make them very popular to home owners.

What are the main connections coming out of a security camera?

Every security camera has at least two wires coming out of them to support their required connections. The first cable lead is the video cable which is easily identified because it is a small cable with a female BNC connector on it. This is the cable that will attach to the coaxial cable you run to each camera location. Once connected to the security camera this is the connection that will deliver the video the camera is capturing back to the security DVR or recording device. The second cable is always the power cable. You will use the power cable coming out of the camera to attach a power source to the camera. This is done by running multi-conductor wire from a power supply source to the camera location. Once connected the power supply will send voltage to the camera which allows it to turn on and become active.

What is the best camera for outdoor surveillance applications?

An outdoor security camera is different than an indoor camera because it will have a special housing or shell that is weather proof and in many instances vandal proof. It is important that you choose the cameras that are specifically designed to be installed outdoors. The outdoor security camera will have the extra protection needed so it can function in all-weather environments. Plus it will have an extra durable shell to protect the internal camera from being tampered with or damaged by another object or by passing people. The vandal proof and tamper proof features will ensure that someone cannot damage the camera by grabbing it, striking, it, or throwing objects at it. The key to an outdoor camera is that it is constructed in a way where it is 100% protected in even the toughest environments.

Do I need a security camera with infrared LED’s?

If you are installing a camera in the outdoors it is always best to choose the one with onboard infrared LED’s installed. The infrared LED’s will ensure the camera always has enough light to perform. If the camera senses that the lighting conditions are too poor for it to perform at the highest level, it will use the infrared LED’s to create its own light. The end result is clear crisp video captured on your security DVR. There are cameras available with different quantities of infrared LED’s. The more you have on the camera the farther it will see in poor lighted areas. Even if the area you are trying to secure has good lighting it is always smart to buy the camera with infrared capabilities. You just never know when the camera will need them.

Why are security cameras becoming so popular?

Security is a big topic in every household and business. There is no secret the economy is tougher and people are more concerned about protecting their valuables. Adding a security camera system to your home or business may be the best way for you to monitor and secure your assets, while making your family members and employees feel safer. The reality is that a tradition alarm system is just not enough. A security camera is the next line of defense for protecting the things that are most important to you. Having recorded video of an event or crime may be the best way to protect yourself.

What type of lens should I get for my security camera?

Security cameras come with either a fixed or varifocal type lens. A fixed lens is perfect for securing smaller areas and offers just a fixed wide angle of view. So once you turn the camera on what you see is what you get. A varifocal lens allows you to adjust the focal length of the lens so you can better capture your intended area. A varifocal lens uses an onboard dial or levers for adjusting the lens to the best focal length needed in an area. A varifocal lens camera gives you much more flexibility to ensure you accurately and precisely secure an area. It is not uncommon for people to install a blend of both varifocal and fixed lens cameras throughout an installation.

Should I use 12VDC or 24VAC security cameras?

Whenever possible it is best to use 24VAC security cameras. The 24VAC voltage does not experience the huge amount of voltage drop that 12VDC voltage does. If you have wire runs over 100 feet you may not have a choice but to go with 24VAC cameras. Or you will have to buy larger power supplies that will send enough power to compensate for the voltage drop. If you are installing security cameras with infrared LED’s you need to also account for the amount of power the camera needs both in the day and at night. At night when the LED’s turn on your cameras power requirement will increase by about 30%. If you have the option it is always recommended to use 24VAC cameras. They provide a much easier installation.