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Wireless Alarm Systems

Choose the wireless alarm system and accessories that best support your security needs! We offer a complete selection of wireless alarm system consoles, kits, and accessories to support both residential and commercial security applications. Installing a wireless alarm system is the fastest and most reliable way to protect your assets, and secure the things that are most important to you.

Secure your home or business with a Wireless Alarm System!

Wireless alarm systems have become more and more popular today. Wireless alarm systems are now just as reliable and secure as traditional alarm systems, and most cases they are more advanced. The nice thing about a wireless alarm system is that they can be installed in just a matter of minutes, plus there is no need to open all your walls up to install th4 needed wire that a traditional hard-wired alarm system requires. If you have a home or business that is not pre-wired for an alarm system, a wireless alarm system may be the best solution for you! 

Most quality wireless alarm systems support a plug and play installation. Meaning all you have to do is mount devices and power up the console. Once the system is powered up the console should start identifying the attached devices. Once all the devices are active there is just some light programming that needs to be done to get the system set up the way you want it. Wireless alarm systems are easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to program. Using a wireless alarm system is perfect for any Do-It-Yourselfer or professional alarm installer to use in applications where installing wires in the wall is not an option.

A wireless alarm system works a lot like a tradition hard-wired alarm system. It can be attached to a monitoring service and it also offers all the peripherals and accessories you need to secure an area. All the motion detectors, door contacts, window contacts, glass break detectors, and smoke detectors run on batteries, so the system is 100% wireless. A quality wireless alarm system will also supervise all its components so if a battery is low on any sensors the system will tell you way ahead of time. By supervising all the peripherals a wireless alarm system will ensure the system is securing your home or business at all times! 

At Cabling Plus we offer the wireless alarm systems you need to protect all that is important to you. All of our wireless alarm products are simple to install and a guaranteed to provide the security measures you need for 24/7 security. We also offer all the wireless security sensors and accessories you need to configure your wireless alarm system your way!