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110 Blocks & Accessories

A 110 block is a popular punch down block option used to connect wires and cables in a network cabling system. A 110 block is essentially the central distribution point for network cables as they organized and distributed out to end-user locations. At Cabling Plus we offer numerous 110 block products and accessories to support any network cabling or telephone wiring applications. Our 110 block solutions give you the ability to design your network installation your way, while ensuring you are using products that will make your network perform!

More Information About 110 Blocks:

A 110 block is essentially punch down block used to connect wiring and cabling for telephone, data, and other low-voltage cabling applications. A 110 block becomes the main distribution point for the network services you are trying distribute out to the actual end-user locations. These locations could be the actual telephone handset locations or computer locations in both residential and commercial network installations. The 110 block has become the most commonly used component in most network cabling applications. In the past the 66 block was the most popular punch down block used for cabling applications, but recently the 110 block has surpassed the 66 style as the most popular and better performing wiring block option. Using a 110 style block makes it much easier to preserve the twist in network cables which results in better performance. Plus unlike many 66 blocks, a 110 block exceeds Cat5e requirements with some even rated to exceed Cat 6 requirements

In order to terminate wires onto a 110 block you will need a punch down tool that has a 110 blade on it. The 110 blade is designed to fit the 110 blocks termination points. A punch tools will allow you to punch the wire into the slotted posts located on the 110 block. The end result will be a high quality long lasting termination. Most quality punch down tools offer reversible blades that allow installers to quickly rotate from 110 block to 66 block formats without having to reach for the tool bag. Ensuring you have the right tools to do the job will save you time and money while ensuring your network installation is successful.

At Cabling Plus we offer the 110 block products and tools to support any network installation. We offer complete end to end solutions that will support your installations from the 110 block all the way to the outlets and jacks. We also offer the 110 block solutions to support any size and type of cabling application. If you need assistance in choosing the 110 bloc products and accessories for your project call Cabling Plus today and let one our technical advisers assist you!

Do you need a special tool to terminate wire onto a 110 block?

Yes. You need a standard punch down tool with a 110 blade in order to successfully terminate cables on a 110 block. You will also need to understand your color codes so you can accurately punch down all the pairs of your network cable onto the 110 block. Most quality 110 blocks will have the color codes accurately labeled on them to ensure you terminate the right cable pairs in the receptacles.

Are 110 blocks rated for Cat 6?

There are many 110 block options that are rated for Cat5e or Cat 6 applications. So it is important to look at the specifications of each 110 block and choose the one that supports your network application. We do offer Cat 6 110 blocks in both standard and patch panel forms that will easily support your all Cat 6 network installation.

How many pairs can I punch down on a 110 block?

There are numerous 110 block products available that support any size of network installation. 110 blocks are available in 100 pair, 200 pair, or 300 pair block configurations. No matter the size of your product there is a 110 block product available to support you!

How do I mount a 110 block?

There are numerous 110 block products available to support various mounting options. Most 110 blocks have feet on them that you can easily screw them down to any wall or flat surface. But there are also rack mount 110 blocks available that allow you to treat the 110 block like a patch panel mount by mounting it to a standard 19" network rack.

Do you have all the 110 block accessories I need for a complete installation?

Yes. We offer the entire line of ICC Cabling Products 110 blocks and accessories. ICC offers complete 110 block solutions that include all the all the cable management panels, 110 connecting blocks, termination caps, patch plugs, and 110 kits to support any voice and data network installation.