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Rack Shelves

Looking for a professional grade network rack shelf to support your networking, computer, server, or audio video equipment? At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of network rack shelves that are designed to support any budget or project size. We offer the best quality rack shelf products to support small, medium, or large equipment rack applications. Our comprehensive line of premium rack shelves give you the options so you can configure your equipment rack the best way possible. Choose the rack shelf option that best supports your project! 

We have the Rack Shelves that best organize all your network equipment!

A rack shelf is a vital component of any computer, server, equipment, or network rack installation. Essentially their purpose is to stack and organize electronic equipment like servers, power supplies, computers, monitors, or digital recorders. Rack shelves are very commonly seen in security, network cabling, server, computer, and audio video equipment installations. A rack shelf simply mounts directly on a network rack giving you a strong surface to support the equipment you want managed in a rack. Other names for network rack shelves include server rack shelves, rack mount shelves, equipment rack shelves, or rack shelf. Whatever you choose to call them they all serve the same purpose and that is to support and house your electronic equipment.

Choosing the best rack shelf product to support your needs is pretty simple. Most server racks and network racks come in 2 or 4 post configurations and follow the industry standard of being 19” wide. Most server racks and enclosed equipment cabinets will allow you to easily mount a rack shelf directly into them. Every rack shelf comes with screws that will be used to mount the shelf directly onto the rack. When choosing a rack shelf it is important to pick the one that is rated to support the weight of the equipment you will stack on it. Most rack shelf products clearly document in their specifications the weight requirements that each particular rack shelf can support. It is important to look at the weight of your equipment and match it to the rack shelf that best supports that weight. You will also want to evaluate the dimensions of the equipment you plan on stacking on your shelf and choose the shelf that will support those dimensions. Although most rack shelves follow the 19” width format there are numerous depth options to choose from depending on your needs. The end result is that you will have the perfect rack shelf that will support the size and dimensions of the equipment you are putting on your rack. 

Another option you may want to decide on when choosing a rack shelf is to determine if you want a vented or non-vented shelf. The vented rack shelf is designed to give extra air flow to your equipment which will assist in any possible heat issues. In general a vented rack shelf may cost a few extra dollars more than a non-vented rack shelf so you will have to evaluate the needs of your equipment.

At Cabling Plus we offer the rack shelf products that will support any size project on any budget. It all comes down to your needs! We offer premium rack shelf products manufactured by ICC Cabling Products and Video Mounting Products. Both are premier brands in the network cabling and video mounting industry. Our complete line of rack shelf product include vented shelves, non-vented shelves, double sided shelves, heavy duty shelves, key board tray shelves, and LCD monitor shelves. Our rack shelf products will fit into standard 19 in rack in 2 post, 4 post, wall mount rack, swing gate rack, and enclosed cabinets configurations. Choose the rack shelf product that best supports your application!

Can I install a rack shelf on any rack?

Most rack shelves and network racks follow an industry standard 19 inch format to ensure everyone is making products that work together. So as long as your network rack follows this standard you should have no problem attaching any standard rack shelf to it. This is the same case with wall mount racks, swing gate racks, and stand alone network racks.

How do I choose the best rack shelf for my needs?

As you can see rack shelves come in different types, depths, and configurations. Take a good look at the dimensions and weight of your components and choose the shelf that best supports them. The last thing you want to do is buy a shelf and later find out your equipment will not fit on it. Every rack shelf product is also rated to support up to a particular weight of equipment. So choose the rack shelf that best supports the amount of weight you need it to support.

What if I have a 4 post rack? What shelf do I need?

Most 4 post network racks are really used in larger network applications. We do offer 4 post rack shelf's that allow you to attach the shelf at all four posts. These are often used to support larger equipment like servers and large power supplies. Often the 4 post racks are sat on the lower half of the rack while on the upper half standard shelves are put in place. It is up to you to configure your network rack installation anyway you choose to best support your needs.

How does the rack shelf attach to the rack?

Most standard rack shelves just take four screws that are used to screw the shelf down to the rack. All of our rack shelves include the machine type screws you need to successful install it. There is no need to buy any extra hardware. Once you have screwed your shelf down to the rack they are designed for immediate use. Most standard rack shelves will take up at least two rack mount spaces on your rack. But the larger more durable rack shelves may take up three because they need the extra leverage to be able to handle more weight.

What make a good quality rack shelf?

The best rack shelves are powder coated. The powder coat will ensure a more durable finish so there will not be any paint chipping off over time. All of our rack shelves are manufactured with steel, include a powder coated finish, and have a lifetime warranty. So you are covered!

Why is the purpose of a vented rack shelf?

The vented rack shelves will give your equipment extra ventilation to combat heat issues. This is a very common problem in data centers or network racks that are installed in closets where air circulation is poor. If you feel you may have heat issues with your network components you may want to use vented rack shelves to solve this problem. Vented rack shelves work the same way as solid ones, it is just a different construction.