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Punch Down Tools

A punch down tool is a must have tool for punching down Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 3, and other Ethernet cables onto any punch down termination style network peripherals. These common network peripherals include voice jacks, data jacks, video jacks, punch down blocks, and patch panels. Any network components that offer a punch down connection will need a punch down tool to have network cables connected to them. Having a quality punch down tool is essential for punching down individual cable pairs to support all voice and data network applications. Choose the punch down tool and accessories you need to ensure long lasting terminations that perform!

Use our punch down tools to ensure the best cable terminations!

Having a punch down tool is a necessity when installing and maintaining a voice and data network. A punch down tool allows you to successfully terminate network cable pairs onto various network devices and components. In the cabling world, a 66 and 110 blade punch down tool is the most common punch down tool type used in an installation. Most standard voice and data termination blocks, keystone jacks, and patch panels feature a color coded IDC 110 termination board that is used to punch cable pairs down on. A 66 blade punch down tool is also very popular but more commonly used when terminating Cat 3 and Cat5e cables onto a standard 66 voice block. At the end of the day both blade styles are a must have. You just never know what kind of cabling infrastructure or equipment types you will run into.

By punching down the cable pairs you are using the blade and the impact mechanism of the punch down tool to "punch" the cable conductors into the slotted post on the termination board. This "punch down" action actually strips the wire and punches it down onto a network peripheral all in one motion. The punch down method will ensure a solid contact between the wire conductors and the network components you are connecting the cable to. This is how most network cables are attached to keystone jacks, patch panels, 110 blocks, 66 blocks, and telephone blocks.

Although the 110 blade punch down tool is most commonly used, both the 66 and 110 blades are essential to a network installer. At Cabling Plus we offer punch down tools that feature reversible blades so you can quickly change from 66 to 110 style terminations without having to reach for the tool bag. We also offer all the replacement blades, termination aids, and new punch down tools that you need to ensure you have the right tools for the job! At Cabling Plus we only offer the punch down tools and termination products that are tested and proven in the field by network professionals!