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Stainless Steel Wall Plates

Are you looking for high quality stainless steel wall plates and faceplates for your low voltage outlets? We offer single and double gang stainless steel wall plates in multiple port quantities to support all residential and commercial cabling applications. Stainless steel wall plates offer a strong durable flush finish, while supporting the distribution voice, data, and other communications keystone jacks in a low voltage cabling application.

Use our stainless steel wall plates to support your low voltage terminations!

The use of stainless steel wall plates is becoming more and more popular in all low voltage cable installations. The stainless steel material gives your outlets a clean look and durable finish, while supporting a much longer lasting installation than the standard plastic keystone wall plates. Common stainless steel wall plates usually come in single or double gang configurations while offering single or multiple open ports to house low voltage keystone jack terminations. Stainless steel wall plates offer the industry standard ports so you can easily snap-in most voice, data, video, audio, and fiber keystone jacks directly into them.

To install a stainless steel wall plate you can use your existing outlet or you can use a low voltage mounting bracket to easily create a new one. In an existing construction application you can use a Arlington LV1 or LV2 mounting bracket to insert in the wall to create the needed base to install your new stainless steel wall plates. Once your jacks are terminated you can then insert them into the open ports on the stainless steel plate, then you can mount the wall plate directly on the mounting bracket. You can easily have your new terminations and stainless steel wall plates installed in a matter of minutes!

Our stainless steel wall plates offer a flush mount decorative look for all your outlets. They come with all the mounting hardware needed for a fast and clean installation, and will support most brand named modular keystone jacks and connectors. Choose the stainless steel wall plates you need today for your business or home low voltage network installation!

Does a stainless-steel wall plate support all keystone jacks? 

Yes. A stainless-steel wall plate works just like a standard plastic keystone wall plate used in everyday low voltage cabling applications! The only difference is the material that it is made with. A stainless-steel wall plate offers the same ports sizes that are used on any other wall plate type, which means you can easily insert any standard voice, data, fiber, audio, or video keystone jack directly into them.

How do I install a stainless-steel wall plate? 

The installation of a stainless-steel wall plate is exactly the same as any other wall plate installation. You will want to install the plate directly onto a low voltage mounting bracket that is mounted on the wall first. Or you can use an existing bracket that is already in place for a current wall plate if you are just upgrading your current wall plates to the stainless-steel style. Like all other wall plate types, the holes on the stainless-steel wall plates are configured to match the holes in place on a low voltage mounting bracket. Really you can have a stainless-steel wall plate installed in a matter of minutes.

Do I need any special screws when installing a stainless-steel wall plate?

No. Our stainless-steel wall plates come with all the hardware you need for a fast successful installation. We only offer the ICC stainless-steel wall plates because they come fully integrate with a retaining bracket on the back side of the plate that ensures you have the strongest support for all your connections.

Why should I choose use stainless-steel wall plates?

People choose to use stainless-steel wall plates because they like the look and durability. Really they will take the décor of your current wall plates to a whole new level. Using stainless-steel wall plates will really give all your low voltage outlets the most professional look. As you already know, stainless-steel is much more durable than plastic. Overtime plastic keystone wall plates start to fade in color and they also become real dirty. The stainless-steel plates will ensure that over the years your outlets always look clean and polished.

How do I choose a stainless-steel wall plate?

To choose a stainless-steel wall plate you just need to choose the one that has the number of open ports you need in any given location. We offer stainless-steel wall plates that have up to 8 open ports for you to fill with connectors. So you have plenty of room to successfully configure an outlet location. So, just do some planning and choose the wall plate that best supports your needs.

Are their applications that are better for stainless-steel wall plates? 

Stainless-steel wall plates are perfect for any residential and commercial cabling applications. They look equally great in the home or business. Besides the home, stainless-steel wall plates are very popular in schools, law offices, retail stores, boardrooms, hospitals, or any other corporate environments.