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LV1 - Arlington Low Voltage Mounting Bracket for Existing Construction, 1 Gang

Arlington: LV1 Low Voltage Mounting Bracket

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The Arlington Industries LV1 non-metallic low-voltage mounting bracket is the time and money-saving solution to faster and easier mounting of Class 2 communications, computer, and TV wiring plates. The LV1 is the ideal bracket for all “existing construction” installations where a mounting bracket is needed to mount single gang home theater wall plates, data wall plates, audio video wall plates, and any other 1 gang low voltage plates. The innovative mounting wings on the LV1 ensure the bracket is securely attached to the wall.

The LV1 is designed to mount plates flush against the wall, while giving them the support needed for long lasting durable installations. The LV1 brackets are simple to install and allow for a better-looking professional installation.

  • Brackets adjust to fit various wall board thicknesses
  • Bracket is its own template for cut out
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • They install faster, cost less than metal brackets
  • UL/CSA Listed
  • Includes: (1) LV1 Low Voltage Mounting Bracket
  • Single Gang
  • Non-metallic
  • For communications, cable TV, home theater, and computer wiring
  • Adjust to fit ¼ to 1” thick wallboard, paneling, or drywall
  • Bracket is its own template for cut out
  • Mounting wings hold bracket securely to wall
  • Part#: LV1

When do I need to use the Arlington LV1?

The Arlington Industries LV1 is a single gang low voltage mounting bracket. It is for use in “existing construction” installations. This means that if you want to add a new low voltage outlet at your current home or business, the LV1 would be what you use to install in the wall so you have a bracket to mount any single gang wall plate or faceplate. A low voltage outlet is used to support both the connections and pass through of any voice, data, audio, video, or fiber cables. 

Is the Arlington LV1 needed to install a low voltage outlet? 

Yes. If you do not have an LV1 in place you would be basically screwing the wall plate right onto the drywall. Installing a wall plate or faceplate directly onto drywall will not give you the strong surface you need to support your connections, terminations, and cable management. For a long lasting durable low voltage outlet installation it is best practice to install the Arlington Industries LV1 first. 

What do I need to install the LV1 mounting bracket? 

To install the LV1 all you need is a drywall saw, level, pencil, and a screw driver. Installing the LV1 is fast and simple. 

How do I install the Arlington Industries LV1 Low Voltage Mounting Bracket?

To install an LV1 all you need to do is place it on the wall and use it as its own trace pattern. So you will want to have a pencil to make the trace and a level to ensure the LV1 is level on the wall. Once you have traced the bracket onto the wall you will want to use your drywall saw and cut the hole out. Once your hole is cut and cleaned up you can simple set the bracket in the hole. Once in the wall you simply use the front screws to tighten the on-board mounting tabs to the wall. The bracket will tighten up snug to the wall. Now you have a strong platform in place to mount any wall plates or faceplates right on top of. 

How do I screw a wall plate onto an LV1 bracket? 

Once you have successfully installed the LV1 you can use the on-board screw holes to screw down any wall plate or faceplate. The LV1 offers the industry standard hole patterns that except the screws that will come packaged with your wall plate or faceplate product. You can have a new low voltage outlet in place and ready for use in a matter of minutes. 

Should I install the LV1 in the wall before I pull my cables? 

Yes. The LV1 will protect your cables as they are pulled in and out of the wall. So we always recommend installing a low voltage mounting bracket before you start pulling cables.

What size walls will the LV1 support? 

The LV1 will adjust to fit ¼” to 1” thick wallboard, paneling, or drywall. So you have a lot of flexibility to install an LV1 on walls that are thicker than normal. As you tighten the front screws on the LV1 the mounting tabs will adjust and tighten to the wall.

Roger Barreto demonstrates how to install the LV1 & LV3

Erik Johnson reviews the Arlington LVI

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