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Wall Mount Racks

Use a wall mount rack for any home theater, network cabling, or security applications where space is limited. If you need to install a network equipment rack in a tight area or a small room where space is limited, a wall mount rack may be the best solution for you. We offer a wide selection of wall mount racks and brackets to support any equipment rack applications. Lets us provide you with the wall mount rack options you need for a successful installation! 

Install a Wall Mount Rack to manage all your network components!

Wall mount racks and brackets are ideal for installations in tight areas where a standalone rack just does not fit. A wall mount rack allows you to mount the entire rack system on a wall to support all of your electronic components, devices, rack shelves, and cable management panels. A wall mount rack allows you to dress cables and mount devices the same way you would do it on a 2 and 4 post rack, except less room is needed! Wall mount rack takes up much less room and give you the flexibility to mount them almost anywhere! Wall mount racks are ideal for any home automation, home theater, structured cabling, security, or commercial A/V installations. 

At Cabling Plus we offer numerous wall mount rack options to support any commercial or residential applications. We have wall mount racks in numerous different sizes and configurations to support any type of installation. All of our wall mount racks are engineered with the best quality materials and are designed to support the installation of standard 19” rack mount products and accessories. A wall mount rack is simple to install, easy to manage, and ready to support components right out of the box. Choose the professional grade wall mount rack that best supports your installation!

What is the purpose of a wall mount rack?

Wall mount racks are designed for space saving applications. Often in a home or business there just isn’t enough room or space to install a full stand-alone equipment rack. So a wall mount rack lets you install a rack on the wall, which will save space while allowing you to still support your network infrastructure. Wall mount racks are available for small, medium, or large network equipment installations. You can buy a large swing gate rack that has multiple rack spaces, or just a single rack space wall mount bracket. Like the larger stand-alone network racks, the wall mount rack follows the same industry standard 19 inch configuration. So any rack mountable components and devices can be easily supported.

How do I choose a wall mount rack?

To choose a wall mount rack you need to first evaluate how much equipment you need it to support. Then you need to choose the wall mount rack that will support that quantity of rack mount spaces you need. It is always recommended to plan for future growth. So always choose the wall mount rack that will give you some extra rack spaces just in case you decide to add more devices or components down the road.

Do I need any special tools or hardware to mount a wall mount rack?

You sure don’t. All wall mount racks will come with the mounting hardware you need for a successful installation. You will need some basic hand tools and a screw gun so you can drive the included screws into the studs in the wall. A wall mount rack installation is very simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.

Why do they call refer to it as a 19" wall mount rack?

The industry has adopted the standard 19" size for most equipment racks, rack mountable components and devices, and network cabling panels. If you have devices that are not rack mountable you can always buy a rack shelf which would be mounted in the rack so you can sit equipment right on the top of it.

How do I actually attach rack mountable devices to a wall mount rack?

Every rack mountable product will include the necessary screws needed for you to quickly attack them to the wall mount rack. A wall mount rack has open screw hole lined in the front and back that signify each rack mount space. So the hole configuration on the rack and on the rack mountable components will match. You can rack mount all your equipment literally in a matter of minutes.

Can I still use cable management with a wall mount rack?

Absolutely! Cable management products like vertical and horizontal finger duct panels or ring type cable management panels also follow the 19" industry standard. Adding cable management to your wall mount rack is just the same as when adding it to a tradition rack. You will want the cable management so you can easily dress and route your cables to and from multiple devices and components.

How much weight can a wall mount rack really support?

It all depends on the rack you choose. But the larger the rack, the more weight it can support. Most quality wall mount racks will clearly document in their specifications how much weight they can support. When designing your rack you should evaluate the weight of your components and match it with the wall mount rack that will best support it.

How do I actually get behind a wall mount rack to perform work?

Most quality wall mount racks have a swing out or hinged mechanism that allows you to open the rack out and towards you. Once it is opened you have all the room you need for working. We do offer open frame wall mount racks that do not open but in this case they are made with extra depth to give you the needed room to still maneuver and comfortably perform your work.

What would be the purpose of a single rack mount space wall mount rack?

A single rack mount space wall mount rack is for use when you have just one device to support. It is not uncommon for there to be a need to mount a single patch panel, rack shelf, network router, or network switch. A single rack mount space wall mount bracket could also be used as an add-on to a current installation. It is not uncommon for people to run out of space on their current rack.

What brands of wall mount racks do you offer?

We offer the entire line professional grade wall mounts racks and brackets from ICC Cabling Products. We really feel they have taken the steps to design all their rack products to ensure durability, longevity, and ease of installation.