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Cat5e Patch Panels

High performance Cat5e patch panels are essential to the success of any voice and data network installation! A Cat5e patch panel is the best solution to professionally organize and manage multiple network cables and connections in one central location. We offer the premium Cat5e patch panels that are designed for critical network applications. Use the Cat5e patch panels that are 100% tested and guaranteed to exceed all Cat5e network requirements! 

Use the Cat5e Patch Panels that are trusted by the professionals!

Using a high quality Cat5e patch panel is vital to the performance of any Cat5e voice and data network installation. A Cat5e patch panel basically plays the role as the central distribution point to interconnect all your network devices and incoming network services. These network devices could include computers, servers, routers, hubs, computers, telephones, and even fax machines. A Cat5e patch panel is designed specifically to support the performance requirements needed in a complete Cat5e network environment. A Cat5e patch panel is essentially a loaded panel that features the integrated connectors you need to successfully distribute network cables and signals. A Cat5e patch panel allows you to punch down (using a 110 impact punch down tool) your cables on the back while plugging in your devices and components in the front via patch cables or cords. Using Cat5e patch panels allow you manage multiple cables and connections during an installation, while making it easy to manage them later during any moves, additions, or changes. 

Most patch panels are rack-mountable meaning you can mount them directly onto a wall mount rack, stand alone rack, or even an enclosed network cabinet. Most rack mount solutions follow the industry standard 19” rack to support not only patch panels but other rack-mount hardware like rack shelves, cable management, rack drawers, or even rack-mount monitors. The Cat5e patch panel simply screws directly onto a network rack so you can work on the front side and back side while connecting cables that are ran to network devices throughout a location. 

Cat5e Patch panels are very diverse and are always being enhanced to support better performance and easier installation. Another Cat5 patch panel type that is very popular is a vertical wall mount patch panel. This type of Cat5 patch panel is designed to mount directly onto a wall or flat surface. This is very common for smaller network installations where a rack is not used and space is limited. A wall mount Cat5e patch panel allows you to mount all the network hardware on a wall in a telecommunications closet or electrical room. The end result though is the same. You now have a panel that allows you to professionally manage all your network connections and cables as you distribute them out to various end-user locations. 

At Cabling Plus we offer premium high performance Cat5e patch panels that will support any network applications. We understand that the performance and reliability of your network often depends on a quality Cat5e patch panel. All of our Cat5 patch panel options exceed Cat5e requirements ensuring you will get the performance you deserve from your network. So don’t let poor quality Cat5 patch panels hinder the performance of your network! Let Cabling Plus ensure you have the right patch panel for your network installation. If you need assistance in choosing the right Cat5e patch panel for your project call Cabling Plus today and let one of our network cabling specialists assist you!

How do I mount a Cat5e patch panel?

A traditional Cat5e patch panel is designed to be mounted on a rack or in a network equipment cabinet. This can be a traditional standalone rack, wall mount rack, wall mount bracket, or a completely enclosed equipment cabinet. There are also vertical patch panels available that include a mounting bracket, which gives you the flexibility to mount the panel right on the wall. In most cases the vertical patch panel is made to support smaller cabling applications. The traditional rack mountable Cat5e patch panel follows the 19” industry standard which is the same dimensions of most racking products on the market. All Cat5e patch panels come with mounting screws so you can quickly and easily attach it to the rack or cabinet.

How do I attach Cat5e cable to a patch panel?

The rear side of a Cat5e patch panel provides a 110 punch down block so you can easily punch down the Cat5e cable pairs. Each cable run from your network devices will have an individual port where the cable must be punched down. The punch down block on the panel will have documented color codes laid out to show you where each color coded pair should be terminated. To punch down the cable pairs you will need a standard telecommunications punch down tool that has a 110 style blade on it. The front side of the patch panel will have open ports that allow you to use shorter Cat5e patch cables to pass the connectivity from your networking equipment to each network cable run. This is how a network signal is delivered from your networking hardware out to each network device or outlet.

What is the purpose of a Cat5e patch panel?

A Cat5e patch panel allows you to transfer signals from your network switch or router, out to all of your end-user locations. An end-user location can be any location where you need to send a network signal. This could mean individual offices, employee cubicles, or just another room in your home. A Cat5e patch panel also gives you the ability to neatly manage and organize all your network cables and connectivity. Although there are alternative methods for this, a Cat5e patch panel keeps your cables organized, makes moves, adds, and changes easier to perform, and protects the integrity of your network connections. Since each network connection is an individual cable run, the Cat5e patch panel allows you to quickly repair and test individual network cable runs.

How do I choose a Cat5e patch panel?

Since each network device will be attached to the patch panel via Cat5e cable, it is important to choose the patch panel that has the number of ports needed to support the amount of devices you have on network. Cat5e patch panels come in numerous configurations to support small, medium, and large network environments. Cat5e patch panels are available with 6, 8, 12, 24, and 48 open ports. If you use up all your ports you can simply just add another patch panel. So you can just continue to add more patch panels as future growth within your network requires them.

Does the quality of a Cat5e patch panel matter?

Of course! There are many no name generic patch panels on the market that may either fail or not perform to the highest standards. The reality is that you may not even know your network is under-performing unless you have the expensive test equipment needed to do an evaluation. So the end result is that you may just go through each day with a network that just isn’t giving you its full capability. We only offer name brand Cat5e patch panels that are manufactured by the best names in the network cabling business. All of our Cat5e patch panels are tested and designed to exceed ANSI/TIA-568 Category 5e standards connecting hardware requirements. We always recommend using cabling products that are manufactured by trusted names in the industry.

Is a patch panel used just for data networks?

Not at all! There are numerous patch panels available to support voice, data, video, and fiber-optic cabling applications. You can even buy a blank patch panel and completely customize it by filling it with the different connections you need to better manage your technology infrastructure. Usually a rack is in place to help organize all your voice, data, video, audio, security, and surveillance equipment. By having all your technology in a central location you are making it all easier to manage and maintain. Patch panels in general will help you organize all your cables while giving your installation the cleanest and most professional look!