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Network Switches

Are you looking for a high performance network switch for your home or business? We offer numerous network switch products to support your high speed network installations. We offer professional grade network switches in 5, 8, 16, and 24 port configurations to ensure you have the switch to support your needs! All of our network switches are manufactured to support speed, performance, and durability. 

Choose the Network Switch to ensure your network performs! 

A network switch is a vital component of any network installation. A network switch or Ethernet switch is basically a device that joins multiple computers together within a local area network. A network switch has the ability to receive data and forward that data to the correct devices or network components. Essentially a network switch manages the sharing of multiple computers or networks on the same data connection.

A quality network switch is crucial in the management of a computer network. The network switch or Ethernet switch will appropriately manage network traffic on a network, while directing data packets to the intended destination. A network switch is perfect for connecting multiple network devices together while managing their communication as they share resources. The most common network components you will see managed by a network switch are computers, fax machines, printers, IP phone, IP cameras, network video recorders, and wireless routers. All of the data signals of these devices can be easily managed by a network switch.

There are numerous network switches available to support the size of a project, and the network speed you are trying to achieve. Network switches are available to support the most simple residential or small business applications, to the most robust business enterprise applications. But the most important thing is to choose the network switch that best supports your network requirements.
At Cabling Plus we offer both Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Fast Ethernet switches in multiple ports to support your needs. We offer the professional grade network switches that create reliable and easy-to-deploy networks. Choose the network switch you need to ensure your network performs!