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Cat 6 Patch Cables

Looking for high performance Cat 6 patch cables to support your all Cat 6 network installation? We offer the Cat 6 patch cables that are 100% tested and guaranteed to make your high speed Cat 6 network perform. We have a huge selection of professional grade Cat 6 patch cables in numerous sizes and lengths to support any Cat 6 network applications. Choose the Cat 6 patch cables you need to support your high speed network installation! 

Install the Cat 6 Patch Cables the network professional use!

Cat 6 networks have become more and more popular as everyone strives for the fastest network speeds available. In order to reach the network performance and speeds supported by Cat 6 it is crucial that every component used in the network is Cat 6 rated. This includes all the cables, cords, jacks, connectors, patch panels, and even patch cables. Cat 6 patch cables are a vital component of any Cat 6 network installation. Cat 6 patch cables are used to connect numerous network devices and components together that are in place to support a Cat 6 network. Cat 6 patch cables are basically premade network cables that are cut to length and terminated with modular RJ45 connectors so all you have to do is plug them in. With Cat 6 patch cables there is no need to put on connectors or strain relief boots because all the work is already done for you. So forget about needing any termination tools, connectors, testers, and Cat 6 bulk cable. Right out of the box Cat 6 patch cables are ready to be plugged in. Common Cat 6 patch cables are used every day to support the installation of network devices and components like patch panels, routers, switches, computers, IP phones, IP cameras, servers, network hubs, or any other device that uses a network signal function. 

The connector on a Cat 6 patch cable is a basic RJ45 connector that is used to plug into any device or components that have a female RJ45 connector on them. The female RJ45 connector is used to make the connection between a network device and the Cat 6 cable. The RJ45 modular connectors are simple to plug in but it is most important that they are put on correctly or the network signal will fail or under-perform. For this reason it is important to only buy Cat 6 patch cables from a reputable source that guarantees each patch cable is 100% tested and constructed for long lasting use. A quality manufacture of Cat 6 patch cables will test each cable while only using the best quality cable and connectors to construct them. 

At Cabling Plus we have chosen to only distribute Cat 6 patch cables manufactured by ICC Cabling Products. As a world leading manufacturer of network cabling products and accessories, ICC ensures all their Cat 6 cables are tested and constructed with the best quality materials available. ICC Cabling Products manufactures the Cat 6 patch cables that are the most trusted by business owners, IT professionals, and professional network installers all over the US. At Cabling Plus we offer the entire line of ICC Cat 6 and Cat 6a patch cables in all sizes and colors so you can design your network your way. Choose the Cat 6 patch cables you need for a successful Cat 6 network installation!

What is a Cat 6 patch cable used for?

They are used to connect network components, devices, and equipment in all Cat 6 network environments. They come in numerous different lengths and colors to support various installation requirements.

What is the construction of a Cat 6 patch cable?

A Cat 6 patch cable consists of stranded Cat 6 cable with Cat 6 RJ45 connectors on each end. The Cat 6 RJ45 connectors are terminated with molded strain relief boots. Since both ends are terminated, they are ready for plug and play network installations. You can simply plug the connectors directly into the desired network equipment for an immediate signal.

What makes a high quality Cat 6 patch cable?

We offer high quality professional grade Cat 6 patch cables manufactured by ICC Cabling Products. Their cables are constructed using 50 Micron gold plated contacts, and stranded 24 AWG bare copper wires. All of their patch cable feature an Ultra Slim Low Profile boot, and are UL listed. They are 100% factory tested to exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA-568 connecting hardware requirements which will make them perfect for Cat 6 and Cat6e cabling requirements.

Why should I use Cat 6 patch cables instead of Cat5e patch cables?

The Cat 6 specification is designed to support networks that are striving for Gigabit speeds. In order to build a Gigabit network you will need to ensure that every component of the network is Cat 6 rated. So using Cat5e patch cables in a Cat 6 network would hinder you from reaching your desired speeds. So it is important to use Cat 6 patch cables when building an all Cat 6 network.

Are all Cat 6 patch cables made the same?

Not at all! Some manufacturers use inferior connectors and inferior Cat 6 cable when building their patch cables. It is important to only buy patch cables that are branded by a reputable manufacturer. A manufacturer that has a good name will ensure your cables are constructed using the best materials. Just because the cables deliver a signal does not mean they are good quality. You can get poor performance out of cheap patch cables and you would not even know your network was under-performing unless you had expensive test equipment to perform an analysis. It is much better to have total peace of mind knowing your patch cables are tested and built to perform.

What is the Ultra Slim Line Boot on the ICC Cat 6 patch cable?

The Ultra Slim Line Boot on the ICC Cat 6 patch cables gives you extra room at the connection point. Most patch cables come with a standard boot that is usually overly large and often gets in the way. ICC has developed the innovative Ultra Slim Line Boots which are smaller and cleaner looking, which gives you more room on a patch panel or any other high density areas. Plus the Ultra Slim Line Boots are molded to the cable, which means they protect the terminations better while making the cable much stronger at the termination point.

Does it make sense to just make my own Cat 6 patch cables?

You can always make your own Cat 6 patch cables if you already have the cable, Cat 6 RJ45 connectors, strain relief boots, and tools to build them. Many professional installers or contractors make their own patch cables when they need custom lengths or they need a handful of patch cables to connect devices. But if you are dressing a rack or performing a large installation where numerous patch cables are needed, it may not be worth your time. Building patch cables is very tedious, so if you need a bunch of them it really makes sense to just buy them and just plug them in.

Are Cat 6 patch cables made with stranded or solid Cat 6 cable?

All pre-made patch cables are manufactured using stranded cable. The stranded copper provides the flexibility needed to bend, curve, and turn the patch cables into the areas or components they are delivering a network signal to. This added flexibility becomes especially vital when dressing racks or cabinets where numerous patch cables are present. If you are making your own patch cables and they are longer runs than using solid Cat 6 cable will also work just fine.

What kind of equipment supports Cat 6 patch cables?

They can be used to support any equipment, devices, or products that require a network signal. This means you can use them when installing routers, switches, hubs, IP cameras, servers, networked office equipment, Cat 6 patch panels, IP telephones, modems, or any other network based products.

Do I need to test my Cat 6 patch cables?

If you buy name brand professional grade Cat 6 patch cables you should never have to test them. A quality manufacturer will already have tested them and ensured they exceed the Cat 6 specification standard. All of our patch cables are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure 100% performance.