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Wall Mount Cabinets

What is a wall mount cabinet?

A wall mount cabinet is a completely enclosed cabinet that can be mounted on the wall. It allows you to easily secure and house networking equipment and other electronic system devices. Wall mount cabinets are popular in both business and home network installations. They are also used to house other equipment types used in security, audio video, surveillance, fiber-optic, access control, and home automation system installations. Once your equipment is in the cabinet you can lock it and protect the equipment from being damaged, vandalized, or tampered with.

What are the most common applications for a wall mount cabinet?

Wall mount cabinets are designed for smaller network installations where room is limited and a full size floor equipment rack or server cabinet is not an option. Not all home and businesses have the luxury of having a dedicate room or closet to house technology equipment. The great thing about a wall mount cabinet is you can pretty much mount them anywhere. If you have a small business you can install a wall mount cabinet in a small closet or right in an office. It is up in the air and out of the way so you do not have to worry about your networking equipment taking up a lot of room. Since you can lock the cabinet you do not have to worry about people damaging or tampering with the equipment. Wall mount enclosures are also popular in campus environments where there are multiple buildings with small networks in each building. Some business owners even use smaller wall mount cabinets to house the security DVR part of their surveillance system.

How do I choose the right wall mount cabinet for my installation?

Wall mount enclosures come in various sizes and configurations. Some offer as many as 22 rack mount spaces and as little as 6 rack mount spaces. So there are cabinets available to support small, medium, and large installations. It is important to identify all the equipment and peripherals you will need to support and choose the best wall mount cabinet to support your needs.

How do I mount my equipment inside a wall mount cabinet?

Wall mount cabinets support the industry standard 19” format so all rack mountable equipment will mount directly into the cabinet. Most wall mount enclosures use an internal rail system that utilizes rack screws and cage nuts to mount equipment to the rails. If your equipment is not rack mountable, than you can buy rack shelves to install in the cabinet and set your equipment on top of them.

How do I work on my equipment once inside a cabinet?

The best wall mount cabinet will ensure you have complete access to your equipment. That means the door, and the side panels come completely off so you have full access and plenty of room to work. Some of the more advanced cabinets will also have a swing-out mechanism that will allow you to swing your entire housed system out where it can be easier to work on.

How many rack mount spaces do I need in my cabinet?

You need to do some planning before you start buying equipment. You need to write down a list of all the products you need to put into your cabinet, along with their dimensions and weights. You need to not only account for the electronic components you need in your cabinet, but also other products like patch panels, power supplies, cable management, and any trays and/or rack shelves you want to put in the cabinet. You also need to plan for growth, so it is always smart to choose the cabinet that gives you a few extra rack mount spaces just in case you need them down the road. You never know when your network or technology systems will need to be expanded.

What is the purpose of using cage nuts?

Cage nuts are used in most wall mount cabinets and server enclosures to help the rack screws attach to the rail system without the risk of stripping. Cage nuts ensure the attachment of equipment to the enclosure rails is solid.

Do I need rack mount screws for my cabinet installation?

Most wall mount cabinets require 10-32 rack screws to mount equipment and components. Many rack mountable products come with screw but they may not be the right size your cabinet requires. Read the specifications of your cabinet and understand the screw size you need. If you are installing a cabinet you may want to buy a separate bag of the right rack screws just to have for your installation. They are not expensive, and having them will ensure your installation is not hindered. All cabinets and rack mounting equipment should clearly document the size of rack screws they come with and/or require for installation.

Do wall mount cabinet ship assembled?

Most wall mount cabinets come assembled and ready to mount right out of the box. Some manufacturers are now making folding cabinets that come make broken down to make shipping easier and more affordable. But most companies ship cabinets fully assembled. Read the specifications of the cabinet you are interested in and have an understanding of how the cabinet is delivered and if time has to be taken for assembly. If you do have to assemble your enclosure you will want to know if you need any special hardware or tools for a successful assembly.

How do I lock my wall mount enclosure?

Most cabinets will come with a lockable door so you can rest assure that locking your cabinet and securing your equipment will not be a problem. Most cabinets will also include lockable side panels that can be unlocked and removed quickly so you can easily work on equipment.

What is better a wall mount rack or wall mount cabinet?

Both wall mount cabinets and wall mount racks are affective in network installations. It really comes down to your application. If you do not mind having your equipment exposed in the open than a wall mount rack is the most cost effective solution. But if you need to control the temperature of your equipment and/or secure your equipment so it is locked and protected, than a full wall mount cabinet will be best. There is no doubt that installing a full cabinet will give you the cleanest, most professional look.

What type of components can I put inside my cabinet?

The most common equipment types installed in a wall mount cabinet is networking products like patch panels, servers, routers, switches, hubs, and the cabling that supports them. But many professional installers also like wall mount cabinets to secure audio video, home theater, access control, surveillance, home automation, security, and fiber-optic equipment. Almost anything that supports technology systems at the home or business can be housed in a cabinet. The only limitation you have is that you can run out of space. And at that point you can either add another cabinet, or evolve into a full server cabinet or equipment rack system.

Where is the cable knockouts located on a wall mount cabinet?

Most cabinets feature numerous cable knock-outs that can be used to route cables in and out of the cabinet. It is important to have plenty of room to dress and manage cables in a professional way.

Will the cabinet come with a fan already installed?

Not all cabinets come with fans already installed. Some manufactures add one fan and give you the ability to add more if you need more air circulation. But some manufactures do not provide fans and force you to buy them extra. If you have to add a fan and buy one separately the installation is fast and simple. All you have to do is screw the fan into the available fan slots on the top of the cabinet and then plug in. Usually cabinet fans are inexpensive so adding one after an installation is not a problem.

Can I stack to enclosures if I need to expand my network?

No you cannot. Do not try to stack them because they are heavy and will not withstand the excessive weight. You can wall mount them next to each other and run cabling between them. Just make sure you leave plenty of room between them so you can still remove the side panels and get between the enclosures to perform work.

Do wall mount enclosures follow industry telecom standards?

All of our enclosures are fully compliant with EIA and TIA specifications.

What is the weight capacity of a wall mount enclosure?

All cabinets are different when it comes to weight capacity. Read the specifications of the cabinet you are choosing and have a good understanding of the combined weight of all the equipment you need to house. If the weight of your overall infrastructure is beyond the capacity of a wall mount cabinet, then you may have to change to a standalone rack system or full sized floor cabinet.

What is the warranty like when you buy a network cabinet?

All of our wall mount cabinets come with either 5 year or limited lifetime warranties. This is a good indication of the type of manufacturer you are dealing with. The warranty is important so always choose the best wall mount cabinet that has the strongest warranty.

What kind of facilities should I install a wall mount cabinet in?

Cabinets are ideal for the home and business. There is no limit to the areas or facility types you can use one. If a wall mount cabinet fits your needs then go for it! It will give your installation the most professional look!