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Cable Management Rings

What are Rack Cable Management Rings?

Cable Management rings provide flexibility in managing and supporting cables as they are routed though out a network rack. They mount to the front and/or back of a rack so they can be used to help manage cables as they are ran between components and devices that are installed on the rack. These devices could include routers, switches, hubs, power supplies, servers, patch panels, or any other rack mounted equipment. They are suitable for stand-alone racks, wall mount racks, and wall mount brackets.

Do I need to buy special screws to install Cable Management Rings?

No you don’t. They come with the rack screws needed to quickly mount the rings to your rack. Once they are mounted in place you can immediately start running cables through them or placing cables inside of them.

What size rings do I need for my rack installation?

Cable Management Rings come in different sizes and configurations. Some are designed to support small cable bundles while others are designed to support large cable bundles often found in larger commercial network installations. Cable Management Rings are also available in a “Double” configuration that gives you even more flexibility. Before buying any cable management products it is important to evaluate the number of cables you need to support, and then buy the products that best support your requirements.

What are common cables that can be supported with rack rings?

All cables within a rack infrastructure can be supported using rack rings. These cables can include patch cables, Cat5e cables, Cat 6 cables, coaxial cables, fiber-optic cables, power cables, security cables, and telephone cables.

How do I run my cables inside rack cable management rings?

They are design to open and close. This gives you the flexibility to add, remove, or change cables. The rings give you complete flexibility in an initial installation, and simplify work in the future as your network grows and/or changes.

What kind of material are rack rings made out of?

The base that attaches to the rack is metal to ensure a long lasting strong installation, where the rings themselves are offered in plastic or metal. All the ring options have smooth edges to protect the cables as they are ran or supported in the ring. Installing cable management rings on your rack is both fast and simple.

How many Cable Management Rings do I need for my rack?

You can install as many rings as it takes to manage your cables and make your rack look clean and professional. Taking pride in your rack installation is a key to a success network installation. Using cable management throughout a rack configuration will give your installation and professional look and ensure your system is easy to manage and work on well into the future.

Besides rings what are my other cable management options?

There are numerous cable management panels and rings available to help you best dress and manage your cables on a rack. Plus professional installers like to use Velcro straps to give their installations that final tough. Cable management panels are available to support cables as they are routed both vertically and horizontally. There is no shortage of cable management panel option to help give your installation the cleanest look.