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Telephone Cable

Telephone cable is the most common network cable used to create custom telephone line cords for voice and low-speed data networks. Telephone cable is perfect for making all those simple handset cords and line cords used in everyday telephone connectivity. At Cabling Plus we offer bulk telephone cable in 4, 6, and 8 conductor put ups to support all your telephone installation needs. We also offer telephone cable in numerous lengths that are pre-terminated to support plug and play installations.

Use our Telephone Cable for all your voice network needs!

If you are unsure of what telephone cable is just look at the cable coming out of your wall that attaches to your telephone. Most likely you will see a grayish flat cable that is creating the connection between the phone and the wall jack. The wall jack is the outlet that is delivering the network signal to your location. A telephone cable is not at all like your normal Cat 6 or Cat5e network cables that you have running all over in your walls and in your ceilings. A telephone cable is much less expensive, easier to manage, and is perfect for supporting those low speed signals that need to travel from your wall to your telephone handset.

Telephone cable is often a flat 26 gauge cable. It is designed this way to offer total flexibility and ease of use. No one really wants to have a huge cable that is hard to manage running out of their walls and into their telephones. Plus telephone cable is designed to deliver signals for those short distances that exist when installing a telephone handset. Telephone cables are also very inexpensive and easy to replace, which is nice if they are ever damaged during everyday use. Once terminated with a modular connector, telephone cable is ready for a simple plug and play installation.

At Cabling Plus we offer the bulk telephone cable and pre-terminated telephone cables you need for all your telephone network applications. We offer telephone cables in 26 gauge 4, 6, and 8 conductor types to support all your telephone cable installations. All of our bulk telephone cable comes in 1000ft spools so you can build the custom cables you need. Plus all of our pre-terminated telephone cables are 100% tested and ready for installation right out of the box.