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25-Pair Telco Amphenol Cables

Almost every phone system installation utilizes a 25 pair Telco Amphenol cable! At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of Amphenol cables in different lengths, connector types, and configurations to support any PBX or telephone system installation. All our Amphenol cables are 100% tested and guaranteed for use in a high performance network environments. Choose Cabling Plus for your professional grade 25 Pair Telco Amphenol cables! 

Use 25 Pair Telco Amphenol Cables for a successful phone system installation!  

Are you looking for premium 25 Pair Telco Amphenol cables for your voice and data network application? Amphenol cables are commonly used when connecting multiple voice or data lines in local area network and telecommunication system installations. Other names for Amphenol cables include Telco Cables, PBX Trunk Cables, 25 Pair Telco Cables, and Amphenol Cable Assemblies. Almost every phone system installation uses some type of professional grade Amphenol cable to support its installation. Depending on the location of the communications equipment Amphenol cables come in numerous different lengths. Most Amphenol cables feature 50-pin (RJ21) male and/or female connectors that are pre-terminated on each end, or at least on one end. Many professional installers use Amphenol cables that have one end of the assembly pre-terminated with a connector with the opposite end being a raw 25 pair cable that can be punched down on a telephone block, patch panel, or telephone distribution block. Most Amphenol cables for voice and data applications are constructed with 24 AWG unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Category 3 cable which is necessary to support the demands of a high speed network. 

At Cabling Plus we take pride in offering all the Amphenol cable options to support any voice and data applications. Our Amphenol cables are manufactured by ICC Cabling Products, a world leading manufacturer of premium structured cabling products and cable options. We offer Amphenol cables in numerous lengths that come in female to female, female to bunt, male to male, male to blunt, and male to female options. All of our Amphenol cables are pre-terminated, tested, certified, and ready for installation! If you need assistance in choosing the Amphenol cable that best supports your network installation call Cabling Plus today and let one our wire and cable experts assist you. Our reputation counts on you having the most successful installation possible!