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Residential Enclosures

Install a residential structured wiring enclosure at your home to use as the central distribution point for all your voice, data, video, and security services. A residential structured wiring enclosure allows you to manage and organize all your residential technologies at one central location. We offer a complete line of professional grade residential structured wiring enclosures and modules to support any residential project. Choose the structured wiring enclosure you need to house all your structured cabling services and connectivity.

Use Structured Wiring Enclosures to manage all your residential connectivity!

In most homes there is usually some type of enclosure, panel, or media center in place to support the structured wiring system. This would be the location where your external services like cable TV, internet, and phone lines come into your home. Once all your services are brought into the home they then need to be distributed out to various rooms or locations where the services will be utilized. Structured wiring enclosures are designed to allow you to install various residential modules directly into them. These modules are designed to support numerous security, cable TV, telephone, audio, and networking connectivity needs. Besides the standard modules many people choose to also install their routers, switches and network hubs directly into their structured wiring enclosure.

A residential structured wiring enclosure allows you house all your connections, while organizing them as they are distributed throughout the home. This is the central location where network cables are ran to each data location, coaxial cable is ran to each TV, and your telephone lines are ran to each telephone location. By using a structured wiring enclosure you can distributed your wiring system all throughout your home in the most organized fashion. Once your cabling system is in place, the structured wiring enclosure can be locked to protect all the internal technologies. Having all your cables and technologies in one central location makes it much easier to perform any future moves, adds, changes, or repairs to your cabling infrastructure.

A structured wiring enclosure has many names depending on the manufacture or who you are talking to. Often they are called Residential Enclosures, Structured Wiring Enclosures, Residential Media Panels, and Net Media Centers. Regardless of the name their main purpose is the same. They are in place to help you install and manage your structured cabling infrastructure for voice, data, and video applications within the residence.

At Cabling Plus we offer numerous residential structured wiring enclosure options to support various needs and project sizes. We have enclosures designed to support the smallest studio apartments to the largest custom homes. It is up to you to choose the enclosure that gives you the room you need to support the technology infrastructure you are installing at your home.

What is the purpose of a structured wiring enclosure?

A structured wiring enclosure or residential media center gives you a central location where you can manage and organize your network cables, components, and devices. It also allows you to secure your technology infrastructure so your connections and devices cannot be tampered with. A structured wiring enclosure will flush or surface mount right on the wall, so you can access it any time as you make moves, adds, and changes to your network. Once mounted in place, you have the ability to fill it up with the network components and devices needed to support your entire network architecture. Installing a structured wiring enclose make your entire network cabling installation easy!

What components do you install in a structured wiring enclosure?

There are numerous residential modules available to snap directly into a structured wiring can. The residential modules are integrated into a mounting bracket that will attach to the open holes punched out on the back wall of the enclosure. Residential modules are available to support the voice, data, video, and audio services within your home. There are also other specialty modules available so you can support your power, mount equipment, manage speaker wire connections, and build custom panels or modules.

How do you get wires and cables into the enclosure?

A structured wiring enclosure features numerous cable knock-outs that can be used to route wires and cables to your installed network devices and components. Once they are positioned in the enclosure you can choose the best cable routes for your needs. This allows you to design your enclosure the best way that supports your application. The key is to position your modules and dress your cables in a way that makes future maintenance easy. Plus everyone wants to have the most professional look when it comes to their technology!

What comes in the box with my structured wiring enclosure?

Each enclosure comes with the body and a latching door. Plus you get installation screws and a few grommets that will be used to install in the holes you punch out to bring your cables into the can. The grommets will protect your cables as they enter the enclosure. Each enclosure will include cable knockouts on all sides, and the top and bottom so you can bring your cables in from all directions.

How do I install a structured wiring enclosure?

They are designed for both flush and surface mount installations. Most people flush mount their enclosures so they can save room and have a more professional look. They are designed to fit between standard 16” wall studs.

Can I use a structured wiring enclosure for my business?

Yes! A structured wiring enclosure is perfect for small business network installations. Often a small business just does not have the network requirements that would call for a rack to be installed. If you have a small business that has just a handful of phone and data lines, then a using a structured wiring enclosure is perfect for you.

What size structured wiring enclosure do I need?

It is important to do some planning before buying your structured wiring enclosure and modules. You really need to know how much technology you need to pack in your enclosure. We offer numerous enclosures that will support small, medium, and large network installations. If you are unsure you can always just buy the largest enclosure possible. They are all designed to flush mount right in between your studs, so you will never have space issues. Once installed you can always use the extra space to mount your network router, switch, or hub! Or you just never know what technology will bring you in the future. The extra room may come in handy for future growth or new technology options.