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HDMI Splitters and Extenders

Use our HDMI splitters and extenders to manage multiple HDMI devices, or to support long HDMI cable runs in any residential or commercial audio video applications. Our HDMI splitters and extenders will allow you to effectively split or extend HDMI signals over Cat5e, Cat 6, or coaxial cables. We also offer stand alone HDMI splitters that can send multiple HDMI signals to multiple sources. All of our HDMI splitters and extenders will support 1080p resolution over long distances.

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As you may or may not know HDMI's biggest weakness is its ability to send signals over long distances. Although most people use shorter HDMI cables for everyday use, there are still numerous applications where an HDMI signal must be sent over an unusually long distance. This could happen in large custom home installations or even commercial applications depending on the location of the audio video equipment, equipment rack, televisions, or cables boxes. One of the most popular solutions for combating these HDMI distance issues is to use an HDMI extender. An HDMI extender will allow you to send high quality 1080p resolution video long distances over one or two Cat5e or Cat 6 network cables, or even coaxial cables. The end result is the ability to still experience high-definition 1080p video on every television set regardless of the distances between your audio video components and devices. We offer HDMI extenders in both stand-alone device and wall plate device types to support any installation needs.

If you have an application where you need to split your HDMI signal we also have HDMI splitters available to support various audio video applications. An HDMI splitter will allow you to take a single HDMI source and split it multiple times as you deliver high-definition 1080p signals out to multiple sources like televisions, projectors, or display monitors. All of our HDMI splitters can also be used as an HDMI extender by placing them at the end of a long HDMI cable to regenerate HDMI signals. HDMI splitters are very common in audio video installation for home theater, conference rooms, convention centers, restaurants, sports bars, school, and corporate training and presentation rooms.

At Cabling Plus we offer the premium HDMI splitters and extenders you need to support any audio video applications. All of our audio video components and devices are manufactured by some of the best names in A/V industry, and are manufactured to the highest standards. Choose the HDMI splitter or extender you need for the most successful commercial A/V or home theater installation.