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DVI/HDMI Adapters

We have a huge selection of DVI and HDMI cable adapters that allow you to create the cable connections you need. We offer DVI and HDMI adapters that support various HDMI to DVI, DVI to HDMI, DVI to VGA, and HDMI to HDMI connection types. All of our HDMI and DVI adapters are designed to ensure high quality connections, while not hindering the performance of your cables!

Use DVI and HDMI Adapters to create the connections you need!

DVI and HDMI adapters are very popular in various professional audio video and home theater system installations. Often a DVI or HDMI cable adapter is necessary to convert one connection type into another. HDMI adapters are also popular for extending the lengths of HDMI cables, or changing the HDMI connection type to support the space saving need of a installation. All DVI and HDMI adapters are passive devices that support simple plug and play installations.

An HDMI to DVI adapter or DVI to HDMI adapter will allow you to alter or convert a standard HDMI connection to a DVI connection, or vice versa. Our HDMI to DVI adapters and DVI to HDMI adapters are ideal in the installations of HDTV displays, DVD players/recorders, set-top boxes, and flat-panel displays. All of our HDMI to DVI adapters and DVI to HDMI adapters offer a fully molded construction, while being guaranteed to provide superior connections between HDMI and DVI-D single link devices.

An HDMI adapter is also very common in many audio video installations. An HDMI adapter allows you to extend HDMI cables, or even alter their connection type. We offer a large selection of HDMI adapters that support male to male, male to female, female to male, and female to female HDMI connections. We even provide HDMI adapters in swivel, 90 degree, and angled types to support those tough HDMI cable installations where space is limited. All of our HDMI adapters are 100% certified, and guaranteed to protect the integrity of your cables and the signals they are delivering.

Regardless of the application, Cabling Plus offers numerous DVI and HDMI adapters that will ensure your installations are the most successful. All of our DVI and HDMI adapters are designed to ensure quality, performance, and long lasting use. Choose the DVI or HDMI adapters that create the connections you need!

What is the main purpose of an HDMI adapter?

An HDMI adapter is popular for use in a number of audio video and home theater applications. For one, an HDMI adapter can be used as an HDMI cable coupler that is used when joining two HDMI cables together. This is common when it is necessary to extend the length of a currently installed HDMI cable. Other people use HDMI adapters to alter or change the connection type of their HDMI cable to support the connection type offered by their audio video components or devices. An example of this would be if you need to change your HDMI cable connection into a DVI compatible connection. An HDMI to DVI adapter would easily allow you to create the connection type you need for your application.

Are HDMI adapters and couplers easy to install?

All HDMI adapters are simple plug and play components. Meaning all you need to do is plug your HDMI cable right into them. There are no tools or special components needed. HDMI adapters and couplers are 100% "passive", meaning they are in place only to pass the signal through the cable and into your audio video components. They are very popular when installing displays, televisions, computers, projectors, and any other audio video peripherals.

Why would someone need a swivel or angled HDMI adapter?

An HDMI adapter or coupler that offers an angled or swivel feature is popular in numerous space saving applications. As TV’s get thinner and thinner so does the available room to attach and route HDMI cables. A swivel or angled HDMI adapter will allow you to route an HDMI cable in a way where it will take up less room, while making it convenient for you to get your HDMI cable to the desired port location. Swivel and angled type HDMI adapters are also popular for use behind audio video switches and HD cable boxes where space can also be limited. HDMI adapters are available in angled or 90 degree styles, swivel styles, and vertical flat left and right styles. So there are numerous HDMI adapter types available to ensure your installation is successful.

Will an HDMI adapter negatively affect the performance of an HDMI cable?

Good question. This could become an issue depending on the brand name, and the components that are used to manufacture the HDMI couplers and adapters. All of our HDMI cables and adapters are manufactured by licensed HDMI adopters. So you are guaranteed to get the HDMI products that are certified, guaranteed to perform, and manufactured to the highest standards set by HDMI. Your only protection is to buy HDMI cables that are manufactured by reputable names in the industry. All of our HDMI adapters and cables are designed to protect the integrity and performance of the HMDI signals they carry!

Do you offer and HDMI coupler that I can install in a wall plate?

Yes. We offer a huge selection of HDMI keystone jacks and HDMI Decora inserts to support any application where you want to have an HDMI wall plate configuration. We offer them in numerous colors and styles to support both residential and commercial audio video applications. These are ideal for protecting and managing your in-wall HDMI cables.