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USB Cables

USB cables are ideal for transferring high speed data between your desktop or laptop computers and your digital camera, portable media player, or cell phone. We offer the USB cables that offer the most recent USB version to ensure all your electronic devices communicate in the fastest and most efficient way. At Cabling Plus all of your USB cables are manufactured to the highest standards, while being 100% tested and guaranteed!

Use our USB Cables to achieve the fastest data transfer speeds!

A USB cable is one of the most common cable type used to connect various electronic devices together. These electronic devices could include laptop computers, desktop computers, digital cameras, cell phones, PDA’s, external hard drives, and portable media players. Usually a USB cable is used to attach a peripheral device to a host device. An example of this would be using a USB cable to attach a digital camera to a computer. The USB cable is how you will transfer your pictures from the camera to your computer. A USB cable is designed to support various fast data transfer applications. 

At Cabling Plus we have the certified high speed USB cables you need to successfully attach all your electronic devices together. All of our USB cables feature the most recent 2.0 version certification to ensure all your newest devices can communication. Plus all of our USB cables are backwards compatible so you can use them with any older version USB compatible devices. All of our USB cables are UL listed, support 1.5/12/480 Mbps transfer speeds, and offer a flexible PVC jacket with a molded construction. We even offer the Mini USB Cables to support all cell phone or PDA applications. Choose Cabling Plus for all your high performance USB cable needs!