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Coaxial Cable Splitters

Are you trying to split your cable TV signal by using a coaxial cable splitter? We offer numerous professional grade coaxial cable splitter products that are designed to support any residential or commercial video application. Our premium coaxial cable splitters give you complete flexibility to manage your coaxial cables your way! Let us provide you with the right coaxial cable splitter you need to successfully split your cable TV signals!

Use Coaxial Cable Splitters to successfully split your cable TV signals! 

The use of a coaxial cable splitter is very common in both commercial and residential cable TV applications. If you are expanding your home entertainment system or just simply adding TV’s in your home or business the chances are very good you will need a quality coaxial cable splitter to do the job. A coaxial cable splitter allows you to take a single coaxial input and divide it into multiple outputs which can all be used to run separate coaxial cables and signals to multiple devices. Now you have one cable signal feeding multiple video sources!

A coaxial cable splitter is basically a passive device that supports a simple plug and play installation. You can actually install a coaxial cable splitter and have multiple displays receiving a signal in a matter of minutes! As long as all your coaxial cables have F type connectors on them installing a coaxial cable splitter takes very little time and effort. All you are really doing is simply screwing down the F connectors onto the F type posts located on the cable splitter. Once all the connections are made the video signal you are splitting will be directed to any of the TV’s or displays you have attached to the splitter.

At Cabling Plus we offer numerous coaxial cable splitter options to support a variety of installation types. We have coaxial cable splitters that allow you to split your cable TV signal up to 8 different times while still providing high quality crisp video signals. We also offer coaxial cable splitters in different configurations that support multiple installation types and cable routing applications. At Cabling Plus we only offer the cable splitter products that are guaranteed and trusted by professional installers to provide the best quality video signals. Let Cabling Plus support you in a successfully installation!

What is a coaxial cable splitter?

A coaxial cable splitter is essentially a small piece of electronic hardware that allows you to split a signal that is traveling over coaxial cable. The most common application for a coaxial cable splitter is use it so you can run multiple devices off the same coaxial line. Like if you want to split your cable TV signal and direct it to multiple television sets. Once a coaxial cable splitter is in place you can send your cable TV signal out to numerous TV’s in different areas of your home or business.

How do I install a coaxial cable splitter?

Coaxial cable splitters are available with numerous outputs. Each output is used to split the signal to different locations. There will be one onboard input that is used to bring in your main signal. All of these connections are made with F type connections. These are the common connection types used to attach your cable line to the back of your TV set. The F connector will be attached to the cable and then it will screw onto the treaded F type post coming out of your TV. The coaxial cable splitter will have an F type threaded post for both your inputs and outputs. Once your main signal is connected to the input post on the coaxial cable splitter you can start connecting the outputs which are used for the extra devices you are sending a signal to. A coaxial cable splitter is a passive device that takes a simple plug and play installation. Splitting your cable TV single can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

What is an amplified coaxial cable splitter?

Sometime when you split your cable signal too many times or you have real long cable runs your signal will weaken. If this is the case the end result will be a poor quality video signal. If this is the case there are amplified coaxial cable splitters available to help increase the strength of your video signal. An amplified coaxial cable splitter is powered so it will have to be located somewhere where you can plug it into power. As the video signal enters the splitter it will amplify the signal making it stronger than it originally was. This allows the signal to travel longer distances and at the same time hit your devices with enough power that it maintains the quality of the video signal.

What do I need to buy if I want to split my video signal?

For one you will need a coaxial cable splitter that has the number of outputs you need to support your application. If you are running new lines or moving existing lines you may need coaxial cable, F connectors, a coaxial cable stripper, and a coaxial cable connector termination tool. You need to have F connectors pre-terminated on your coaxial cables in order to connect them to the splitter. So if they are not in place then you will have to install them on your own.

What types of coaxial cable splitters do you offer?

We offer a huge selection of coaxial cable splitters that come in various different configurations to support different installation methods. We have coaxial cable splitter that can be sat on a flat surface, left free-standing, or mounted to any wall or flat surface. We even offer amplified coaxial cable splitters that are meant to mount directly into your structured wiring can or technology head-end. It is up to you to evaluate the location you will be installing your splitter and choose the best splitter that supports your needs.