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HDMI Switches

Are you searching for a high performance HDMI switch so you can easily manage multiple HDMI devices and components? We offer a large selection of professional grade HDMI switches to support various residential and commercial audio video applications. All of our HDMI switched are designed to support the latest and greatest 1.4 1080p HDMI format so you are guaranteed to enjoy the performance of all your high-definition equipment!

Use an HDMI switch to manage multiple HDMI sources!

An HDMI switch is ideal for use when needing multiple HDMI compatible devices to communicate and collaborate together. As more and more devices become HDMI compatible so will the need to have an HDMI switcher in place to properly manage them. The biggest challenge today is that most TV’s come with just a couple HDMI cable inputs. This can really make it tough to connect and manage multiple HDMI devices. A cost effective solution is to buy an HDMI switch so you can easily integrate multiple HDMI devices into your current audio video or home theater system. By adding an HDMI switch you can manage and control all your HDMI compatible devices with your universal IR remote.

HDMI switches are often used in home theater applications but they are also even more popular in business applications. A sports bar or restaurant may benefit from an HDMI switch because it will allow them to take a single HDMI source like from a DVD player or HD cable box, and send it out to multiple displays so they can be viewed simultaneously. HDMI selector switches are also very popular because they allow you to switch from one HDMI source to another. This application is very popular in conferences room and convention center applications where users need the ability to switch back and forth from multiple HDMI devices like HD projectors, displays, DVD players, and HDTV TV’s.

As HDMI compatible products continue to grow so will your need to properly manage them. We have numerous HDMI switches that offer different qualities of HDMI inputs and outputs so you can properly manage your entire audio video system. Regardless of if it for a home theater or commercial A/V application, we have the HDMI switches you need to best support your system.