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HDMI Cables

Looking for premium HDMI cables without the premium price? Cabling Plus offers a complete line of professional grade 1.4 and 1.3 HDMI cables to support any HDMI compatible device installation. All of our HDMI cables are 100% tested and guaranteed to support all high performance 1080p HDMI applications. We understand the importance of having the best HDMI cable available to ensure your audio video equipment performs! 

Use the best HDMI cables for your audio video equipment!

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is an audio/video interface standard used to support audio video equipment in both residential and commercial audio video component applications. HDMI cables are seen every day supporting products like TV’s, blu-ray players, home theater components, monitors, gaming consoles, and DVD players. An HDMI cable is constructed of 19 wires wrapped in a single cable to transmit high bandwidth all digital signals to audio video components. Although HDMI cables have many benefits, the main one is that an HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. The old days of attaching and organizing numerous cables to your audio video equipment is now over with use of an HDMI cable. HDMI cables can deliver up to a 1080p picture quality which is giving you the best picture quality your video equipment has to offer. 

Although HDMI cables have changed the way we install audio video equipment they do still have some serious limitations. The biggest limitation of HDMI has to do with the distance it is able to transmit a signal. Although HDMI will only guarantee 1080p up to 12 feet the advent of thicker gauge (AWG) HDMI cables are allowing 1080p resolution to be delivered over much longer distances. Many installers that attempt to push HDMI signals over longer than average distances are turning to either thicker gauge HDMI cables or even HDMI over Cat5e baluns. At Cabling Plus we offer the thicker gauge HDMI cables that will allow you to deliver a 1080p HDMI signal up to 50 feet! 

HDMI is an always evolving technology. The great thing is that each format always plays down. Meaning each time they enhance the HDMI format they always keep in mind the old. HDMI 1.4 cables have the latest and great format that includes features that have never been seen before in an HDMI cable. The most significant new 1.4 HDMI cable features include 3D capabilities, an Ethernet channel, an audio return channel, and 4k resolution support. What does this all mean? The reality is that you may not have any audio video components that even utilize these new features. But HDMI is adding them to enhance the HDMI cable for when you do. Many consumers are upgrading to the 1.4 format as they buy new HDMI cables just for future preparation for then they do upgrade their audio video components.

At Cabling Plus we offer the best 1.3 and 1.4 HDMI cables to support all audio video applications. Our HDMI cables are made by the best HDMI certified manufactures in the industry to ensure they deliver the highest quality 1080p signals. We offer HDMI cables that are flat (for space saving), round, gold plated, in-wall rated, and thicker gauged to support long distance HDMI cable runs. Let us provide you with the best HDMI cables to support your audio video installation!

Why are your HDMI cables so inexpensive?

An HDMI cable is a relatively simple cable that is also very inexpensive to make. Buying HDMI cables from your nearby retail store would mean you are buying them at about a 1000% mark up on cost. There is no difference between our HDMI cables and the ones you find at common big box retail stores. But this is where many retail stores make all of their big profits! All of our HDMI cables are certified and guaranteed to be manufactured by a licensed HDMI manufacturer. In fact, we buy many of our HDMI cables from the same places that many retail outlets do. We just don’t mark them up like they do!

Are your HDMI cables in-wall rated?

All of our 1.4 HDMI cables are CL3 rated for in-wall use. So you can safely install them in your walls or ceilings and know you are abiding by your local building codes. This is an area where many of the large retails stores fail. They are so interested in making their HDMI cables look fancy that they fail to make them safe for in-wall installations. Always follow your local building codes and install the low voltage cables that are certified to support your installation.

Should I use an HDMI wall plate when I installing HDMI cables in the walls?

It all comes down to personal preference and the look that you want to achieve. HDMI wall plates will better protect your longer more expensive HDMI cables from possibly being damaged in everyday use. An HDMI wall plate will allow you to use shorter, less expensive HDMI cables for everyday plug and play use. Plus depending on our installation type, an HDMI wall plate can help you better organize your cables, while giving your installation a more polished look.

The 1.4 HDMI specifications are the newest and most recent format to be released by HDMI. HDMI is often upgrading their format to ensure they stay ahead of the most popular features and benefits that are released by the audio video electronic manufactures. In many cases your current audio video devices or components may not offer any of the features that the new 1.4 cables are meant to support. In this case you are still just fine. The new 1.4 HDMI format is backwards compatible to support all older formats. So if you are buying new HDMI cables it may make sense just to buy the 1.4 cables in anticipation that one day you may upgrade your equipment, and need the 1.4 features.

Do your HDMI cables support 1080p resolutions?

All of our HDMI cables are designed to support 4K x 2K and 1080p video resolutions. This is 100% guaranteed.

Do HDMI cables have distance limitations?

Yes. The biggest issue with HDMI cables is their ability to support long cable runs. Although there are HDMI extenders and HDMI cables with built in repeaters available, our longest standard HDMI cable is 50 feet long. If you are running HDMI cables long distances you need to be aware of the gauge of the cable you are going to use. Our 50ft HDMI cable is made with a thicker gauge (24 AWG) wire to support those longer runs. Using a thicker gauge HDMI cable will ensure you are receiving a 1080p signal even over 50 feet. For HDMI runs over 50 feet you will have to research other options such as extenders, repeaters, or HDMI powered baluns to best support your distances.