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Cat6A Patch Cables

What is a Cat6A Patch Cable?

Cat6A patch cables are pre-terminated cables made from Cat6A cable. Cat6A cable is a much thicker gauge cable than tradition Cat5e and Cat 6 cable, which means a bigger pipe and faster network speeds over longer distances. Cat6A cable is designed to provide 10Gig transmission performance beyond 650MHz up to 100 meters. Cat6A patch cables are required in all Cat6A network environments. Component rated CAT 6A patch cords ensure high signal quality, minimal cross talk and return loss, while minimizing alien crosstalk.

Do I need any tools to install Cat6A patch cables?

No you don’t. They come already terminated with an RJ45 connector already on both ends. They also feature a strain relief boot that protects the terminations while giving the cable extra strength to withstand the toughest environments. High quality construction is very important for patch cables. Since they are designed to be moved, plugged in and unplugged, it is important that the Cat6A patch cables are manufactured using the best materials.

What brand of Cat6A patch cables does Cabling Plus offer?

All of our Cat6A patch cables are manufactured by ICC Cabling Products. They are a recognized leader in the cabling industry. All of their Cat6A patch cables are manufactured to the highest standards. They also guarantee their cables are 100% tested and built to exceed ANSI/TIA-568 Category 6A standards. All of their Cat6A patch cords are shielded. The extra shielding ensures high performance in high density rack areas where multiple surrounding cables and components could cause EMI/RFi interference. Use the ICC Cat6A patch cables to ensure your network performs at its highest levels.

If I use Cat6A patch cables in my Cat5e network will they increase my network speeds?

No they will not. A network is only as fast as its weakest link. If you have a Cat5e network in place the addition of Cat6A patch cables will not improve your speeds. You will need a complete Cat6A network in place for increased speeds. This means all your jacks, patch panels, cables, connectors, and any other network components must be Cat6A rated.

What lengths of Cat6A cables do you offer?

We offer them in 3ft, 5ft, 7ft, 10ft, 15ft, and 25ft lengths.

What is the specification of the ICC Cat6A patch cables?

ICC's Category 6A (CAT 6A) FTP, patch cords surpass industry requirements for 10 Gig performance to support 10G Base-T Ethernet. ICC's CAT 6A FTP Shielded Solution is designed to deliver advanced performance and reliability in the most hostile and demanding datacom environments. ICC's shielding system protects vital network terminations from harmful Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) that causes alien crosstalk along the path of a signal. ICC's 10G 6A FTP end-to-end Cabling Solution exceeds all channel performance requirements in TIA-568-B.2-10 from 1 MHz to 500MHz to support the IEEE 802.an standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Such performance will enable your network to support current technologies such as 10/100/1G/10G Ethernet as well as advanced new and Internet Protocol-based services.

Why are your Cat6A patch cables shielded?

Most patch cables are installed in very hostile environments. Usually they are used in rack environments where there are 100’s of cables and numerous components present. The rack environment has numerous signals in one area. Many of these cables are installed next to various electronic devices that could also create interference. The shielded construction reduces EMI/RFi interference which ensures your signals flow within the network without being interrupted. Using shielded Cat6A cables is important in high density areas. Without the shielding your network signals could be highly impaired without you even knowing it.