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Optical TOSLINK Audio Cables

Cabling Plus is proud to offer a complete line of premium TOSLINK optical cables to support both home theater and professional audio system applications. TOSLINK optical cables are for use with home theater receivers, digital signal processors, DAT machines, DVD players, CD players, DSS receivers, Mini disc players, gaming consoles, or any components that offer a normal full-size TOSLINK optical audio connector. At Cabling Plus we offer high quality TOSLINK optical cables that are 100% tested and guaranteed to make your audio equipment perform! 

Use TOSLINK Optical Cables for superior digital audio!

A TOSLINK optical cable is made of fiber optic cable while being used to transmit high quality digital audio signals between audio devices. The TOSLINK optical cable uses pulses of light over small fiber strands to deliver digital audio signals to numerous TOSLINK compatible devices. Many of these TOSLINK compatible devices include home theater receivers, digital signal processors, DAT machines, Divx players, DVD players, CD players, DSS receivers, DAT player/recorders, Mini disc player/recorders, Sony Playstation 2 & 3, Xbox, ALESIS, or any components that use normal full-size TOSLINK optical audio connectors.

TOSLINK optical cables deliver high quality digital sound because they are not susceptible to ground loops and RF interference like regular electrical audio cables. The biggest weakness of TOSLINK optical cables is that they are not the most durable. Since they are made with strands of fiber it is important not to bend or smash the cable because this will damage the internal fibers that are used to carry the audio light signal. If these fibers are damaged then the cable will not transmit a signal. 

There are different digital audio cables that use TOSLINK style connectors available. The similar SPDIF cables are very common and use a similar format to deliver high quality digital audio signals. Most quality SPDIF cables offer both a fiber optic and digital coaxial cable construction. They are also available with the common TOSLINK connector type or an RCA type connector. 

At Cabling Plus we offer the high quality TOSLINK optical cables and SPDIF cables needed to make your home theater or audio system installation a complete success. All of our digital audio cables are made with the best materials to ensure high quality sound and long lasting performance. We understand that choosing the right TOSLINK digital audio cables is not always an easy task. So we always recommend that you look closely at your component manuals and buy the cable that is specified for your product. If you are still having trouble picking out the digital audio cable you need call Cabling Plus and let us assist you. We have wire and cable experts readily available to assist you!