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Lutron Cable

At Cabling Plus we offer the specialty cables you need to wire your entire Lutron lighting and shade system. All of our cables are specially designed to meet the Lutron cable standards. As a premier global supplier of wire and cable products we understand the importance of having the right cables for the job. All of our Lutron cables are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure your lighting systems perform to their full potential!

We have the Lutron cables you need for a complete installation!

Installing a Lutron system at your home or business gives you full control of your lighting and shade system. A Lutron lighting and shade system allows you to save energy and improve the quality of life not only at the home but also in the work place. A Lutron system can automatically save you money that is spent on high energy costs. A Lutron system is so flexible that will allow you to dim, preset, and control your lighting regardless of the type of light source you use. Lutron solutions provide the right quantity and quality of light in your environment. With such precise and powerful control, you can completely craft the look and feel for any space, as well as its functionality and efficiency. Lutron cables are used to connect all the components and devices of the system. They are specially manufactured to support the power, control, and communications requirements of the total system. Each Lutron cable type is designed to ensure the system has complete connectivity and the right power delivery. At Cabling Plus we offer the complete line of Lutron Cables to support both plenum and non-plenum requirements. We understand that Lutron systems are becoming a valuable part of both the home and business environment. If you need assistance in picking the right Lutron cable for your application just give us a call. We will make sure your Lutron system installation is a complete success!

Top selling Lutron Cables!

Lutron GRX-CBL-46L – Non-Plenum Rated 5 Conductor Control Cable, 1000ft

Lutron GRX-PCBL-46L – Plenum Rated 5 Conductor Control Cable, 1000ft

Lutron Green - Universal Keypad Control Cable, 1000ft