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Lutron GRX-PCBL-46L – Plenum Rated 5 Conductor Control Cable, 1000ft

Lutron: GRX-CBL-46L 1000ft Spool

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The Lutron 46L is a GRX-PCBL-46L equivalent plenum rated control cable that is designed for use with GRAFIK Eye 4000, GRAFIK 5000/6000/7000, Digital microWATT, SoftSwitch 128, SoftSwitch 512, and GRAFIK RPT applications. This control cable is also for high wattage long distance runs supporting LUTRON QSC installations.   

The Lutron GRX-PCBL-46L universal Lutron cable bundles a 12-2 conductor, 18-1 conductor, 22-2 conductor shielded pair, and rip cord into a single plenum rated cable.  The Lutron 46L cable offers a 300v rating and includes a plenum UL and CL3 rated direct burial jacket. 

The Lutron Red power cable features a blue outer jacket with red stripe that allows for easy identification and labeling.  The special plenum rated jacket on this cables makes it rated for installations in a plenum open air ventilation ceiling. The plenum jacket on the GRX-PCBL-46L is most common for use in commercial or high rise building applications.  

  • Includes: (1) Lutron GRX-PCBL-46L Plenum Rated 5 Conductor Control Cable, 1000ft 
  • Lutron GRX-PCBL-46L Equivalent 
  • Components: 12-2 Conductor, 18-1 Conductor, 22-2 Conductor Shielded Pair (Drain Wire), Rip Cord
  • Insulation: Plenum Rated  
  • Jacket: Light Blue with White Stripe
  • Rated Voltage: 300v
  • Rated Temperature: 75 Degree C
  • Flame Test: FT4
  • UL and CL3 Rated
  • Package: 1000ft
  • Part#: Lutron 46L-P-1000