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Cat6e Shielded Cable - Bulk

At Cabling Plus we offer professional grade Cat 6e shielded cable that is built for speed and performance. Our Cat 6e shielded cable is manufactured using the highest quality materials, so you can rest assure you get the highest performing cable possible. We offer shielded Cat 6e cable in both plenum and non-plenum forms. Plus we have outdoor Cat 6e shielded cable to support any outdoor network applications. Plus we offer all the connectors, jacks, patch panels, cables, and tools for you to implement a completely shielded network.

Use the shielded Cat 6e cable the professionals use!

Using Cat 6e shielded cable is very common when building a new network or installing cabling for network devices in tough environments where network signals could be interrupted or slowed down. A shielded cable means there is an extra Mylar aluminum shield included in the construction of the cable. The extra shield is wrapped around the internal pairs or conductors of the cable. This extra shielding is designed to protect the signals of the cable from any outside electromagnetic interference or EMI. If you are in an environment where there is numerous other cable types present or various electronics installed in the area, then external interference could become a major issue for your network signals. Using a shielded Cat 6e cable will combat these external interferences by rejecting external noise and ensure your cable performs at its highest level.

It is important to understand that in order to experience the benefits of a shielded Cat 6e cables you must install a complete end-to-end shielded solution. This means that you must use shielded Cat6 connectors, jacks, cords, and patch panels to experience the benefits of a fully shielded network. This means that using the shielded Cat6e cable alone is really worthless unless all the components within the network are Cat 6 shielded rated.

If you are looking for high quality Cat 6e shielded cables and connectivity products to install at your home or business then you are at the right place! We offer Cat 6e shielded cables in plenum, non-plenum, and outdoor versions. We also offer them in various colors so you can design your network any way you choose. If you need assistance in choosing the right products for your installation feel free to call us today. We have network installation professionals on staff waiting to assist you!