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VGA Video Cables

Need a VGA cable for your computer monitor, projector, or LCD flat panel screen? At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of premium 100% tested VGA cables in all sizes to support any professional video applications. Pick the VGA cable you need for a successful home theater or commercial video installation. We have the high performance VGA cables the professionals use! 

Use our VGA Cables for your TV’s, computer monitors, and CCTV monitors!

Everyone needs quality VGA cables! VGA is short for Video Graphics Array which is the standard monitor or display interface used by most computers. VGA was introduced in 1987 in IBM compatible computers and has grown to be a standard in the video interface world. Today VGA generally refers to the type of cable used to carry the display signals in projector, computer monitor, and LCD display applications. VGA cables are used today on every computer monitor. If you are attaching a computer monitor or LCD monitor to a computer, security DVR, or laptop there is a good chance you will need a quality VGA cable. When you look closely at a VGA cable you will notice that it is a 15 pin connector type. Each pin represents a particular color signal type used to deliver clear crisp video images to a display. The VGA connector includes integrated screws that are used to tightly connect the connector to the video device it is supporting. These connection screws ensure the VGA cable is never separated from the components that they are attached to. Although VGA is slowly being replaced by DVI it is still a staple in the computer monitor industry. VGA cables are low cost, simple to install, durable, and long lasting.

At Cabling Plus we offer high performance VGA cables to support your video display installations. All of our VGA cables are tested, guaranteed, and ready to install! All of our VGA cables feature gold plated connectors, foil shielding, fully molded construction, and support 800 X 600 resolutions. Use our VGA cables to transfer razor sharp, high definition images!