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Security Multi-Conductor Cable

Are you looking for professional grade multi-conductor cables to support your low voltage installations? Multi-conductor cables are vital in supporting low voltage power, control, audio, and communications applications. Multi-conductor cables are the most popular cables used for installing alarm, access control, surveillance, and electronic control products. At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of multi-conductor cables for non-plenum, plenum, and shielded cable requirements.

Use multi-conductor cables to support all your low voltage applications!

Multi-conductor cables are the most diverse cable types on the market. They are very popular for the installation of all low voltage devices and components. The reason they call them “multi-conductor cables” or “multi-pair cables” is because they come in numerous variations of conductor quantities, so you have the flexibility to choose the cable type that best supports the wiring requirements of the low voltage products you are installing. In the low voltage world, multi-conductor cables are used to power or send communications signals to access control readers, security keypads, alarm panels, security peripherals, power supplies, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, alarm contacts, intercom components, security control panels, and much more...

Multi-conductor cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge sizes, conductor quantities, dimensions, insulation materials, shielding configurations, and jacketing materials. The 3 most common variations for multi-conductor cables include non-plenum, plenum, and shielded types. The key to choosing the right multi-conductor cable is for you to evaluate the requirements of the equipment you are installing, and then choose the multi-conductor cable that meets the technical requirements of your system. At Cabling Plus we offer one of the broadest lines of UL Listed, NEC, and CEC multi-conductor cables available from any single source.

Choosing a multi-conductor cable can be difficult if you are not fully aware of the requirements of your equipment, and the application needs of your low voltage products. At Cabling Plus we are here to ensure your low voltage installations are complete successes! If you need assistance in choosing the right multi-conductor cable for your installation, please feel free to call us! We have technical experts on staff ready to assist you. Our technical experts are seasoned veterans in the areas of access control, security, surveillance, and all low voltage wiring. Give us a call and let us ensure you get the right multi-conductor cable for the job!

What multi-conductor cable do I need?

The multi-conductor cable you need is usually driven by the connections of the electronic devices you are wiring for. If you have more signals other than just power that need to be sent to a device, then you will need to use the number of conductors that will support all of those different signals. If you are using a multi-conductor cable just for power than all you will need is a two conductor cable. But if you are sending power and data communications to a device you will need multiple conductors to support each signal source.

What is the most popular multi-conductor cable?

The 18-2 multi-conductor is really the most popular multi-conductor cable used. The 18-2 is an 18 gauge 2 conductor cable which is commonly used to power locks, motion detectors, security cameras, central vacuum, and many other devices and components. The 18-2 cable is the most all around cable used in numerous security, access control, and surveillance applications.

What is a shielded multi-conductor cable?

A shielded multi-conductor cable is vital when sending data communications to various electronic devices. A shielded multi-conductor cable basically includes an over-all foil shield that is wrapped around the conductors of the cable. The shielding is used to protect the signals that are transmitting over the cables from any possible interference. Shielded multi-conductor cables are very popular in access control installations or any other applications where the quality of a signal is vital to the performance of the electronic equipment. The foil shielding will prevent outside interference from other nearby equipment, cables, or devices that could be sending conflicting signals.

When do I need a plenum rated multi-conductor cable?

The plenum rated multi-conductor cables are used in applications where cables are actually ran in plenum open air ventilation systems. This is very common when performing installations in high-rise buildings. The plenum rated cables have a special compound in the cable jacket that promotes slow burning, and ensure harmful toxins are not released into the air circulation system if the cable is actually burned. We offer multi-conductors in both plenum and non-plenum forms, so it is important to be aware of your local building codes and install the cables that best follow them.

Do multi-conductor cables have voltage loss?

Anytime you send power or any other signals over a cable there will be loss. In terms of power the signal will weaken every inch it has to travel. To combat voltage loss you either need to send a higher amount of voltage or you need to use a thicker gauge cable. And in some cases you have to do both. This is why you will notice that multi-conductor cables are offered in various gauge sizes. The gauge of the cable explains the thickness of the wire, so the thicker the gauge means the farther you can send your signals. So it is always best to evaluate the power requirements of the equipment you are wiring for, and take a good look at the amount of power you are sending. In many cases both the power and wire gauge will need to be addressed properly so you can have the most successful installation.